Message from the Dean

Looking Ahead After the Election: On Rational Discourse and Global Understanding, November 10, 2016

Dear Steinhardt Community:

So many of you have told me how important President Hamilton’s note to the NYU community was to you personally. And how important it is to you to be a member of this community. No matter where each of us stands on the issues raised in this election season, we remain a community of higher learning that values diversity, inclusivity, and civility. We also proudly embrace our belief in evidence-based, rational discourse, as well as in the importance of global understanding and unity.

Our values here at NYU Steinhardt haven’t changed. Equity, diversity, and advocacy are in the Steinhardt DNA; it has been the culture of our school since our founding in 1890. Although our record is far from unblemished, that constant aspirational belief that we can do better is also at the heart of the university. At NYU Steinhardt, we believe that better is always possible and so much of our work individually and together is about finding solutions to our most pressing social problems and bringing about positive change. That work is more important than ever.

In the weeks and months ahead, let’s remember that each of us has a voice. We will all be talking about what lies ahead for us as a community and as a nation, and I encourage us to do so with an open mind and with respect for different points of view. You may have ideas about conversations and gatherings in which you would like to participate that could help facilitate exchange and understanding, and I encourage you to send me your thoughts at


Dominic Brewer
Gale and Ira Drukier Dean