Doctoral Students

Meet our cohort
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Haley Addis
Research: Language development and disorders in children, early literacy development
Heather Campbell
Research: Speech perception and production, speech sound disorders, multilingualism

Julie Case
Research: Speech motor control in children with speech sound disorders

Xi Chen
Research: Speech prosody, acquired language disorder, acoustics in normal and disordered speech, voice studies
Carolyn Falconer-Horne
Research: Adult neurogenic disorders, neuroanatomy and physiology, practice of clinical speech-language pathology

Emily Hadden
Research: Language development and disorders in children, language processing
Anna Hallin
Research: Language development and disorders in school-aged children, cross-linguistic research

Linye Jing
Research: Language processing, acquisition and disorders, literacy development, multilingualism
Yoonji Kim
Research: Voice, Neuroscience of Language
Binna Lee
Research: Adult neurogenic disorders, voice, acquired language disorders

Joanne Jingwen Li
Research: Bilingual language development and disorders, speech prosody, speech motor control
Stacey Rimikis
Research: Adult neurogenic disorders, psycholinguistics
Hailey Small
Research: Speech production, speech sound disorders

Mara Steinberg Lowe
Research: Adult neurogenic speech and language disorders, fluency disorders, neuroimaging and neuromodulation