More About DRSTOS-R

What is DRSTOS-R?
  • DRSTOS-R is a framework and protocol for assessing student teachers.
  • It is based on the work of Charlotte Danielson in an ASCD publication called Enhancing Teacher Practice.
How is it Administered?
  • The DRSTOS-R is administered summatively, taking into consideration evidence of student teachers' professional development throughout the semester.

  • Raters for the DRSTOS-R must participate in training and meet a standard of inter-rater reliability.
  • The protocol consists of 21 items, assessing student teachers' professional practice across four domains:
    1. Planning and Preparation
    2. Classroom Environment
    3. Instruction
    4. Professional Responsibilities
  • For each item, student teachers are ranked on a four-point proficiency scale ranging from "Not Yet Proficient" to "Proficient."  Notation of evidence supporting these ratings is encouraged.
What is the purpose?
  • The DRSTOS-R protocol is part of an evaluation conducted by CRTL to meet its ongoing accreditation obligations and to inform development of NYU's teacher education program.
  • Use of the protocol by both the supervisors and cooperating teachers helps facilitate a shared understanding of the expectations and goals of the student teaching experience.

Click here for the most recently updated DRSTOS-R Protocol and Cover Sheet (Spring 2012)

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