The Center for Research on Higher Education Outcomes (CRHEO) engages in innovative research that improves the effectiveness of higher education at NYU and beyond through evidence-based inquiry. 

Home to faculty, research staff, and graduate students committed to promoting a greater understanding of college student learning and development, the Center balances a portfolio of institutionally driven and externally funded research projects. CRHEO specializes in survey design, data collection, and reporting, with expertise in a variety of methodological approaches to inform complex educational issues and examine student learning and skill development.

CRHEO’s mission is to develop an innovative research agenda aimed at studying higher education outcomes while enacting a program of research, evaluation, and performance-based assessment. The Center’s long-term vision is to be a leader in conducting, promoting, and disseminating research on learning, professional development, and the conditions that foster college student success.

Located within NYU Steinhardt’s Department of Administration, Leadership, and Technology, CRHEO builds on the legacy of Steinhardt’s former Center for Research on Teaching and Learning, contributing not only to the School’s licensing and accreditation programs, but also to larger, national conversations regarding the overall quality of higher education in the United States.