Events and Conferences

Program - Families as Partners


The following workshops will be available on March 5th:

  • “Using Play to Support Relationships and Attachment”
  • Strengthening Early Intervention : Research on Engagement and Responsiveness
  • Working With Difficult to Engage Families
  • Empowering Families to use Sensory Integration Strategies in the Home
  • "Effective Relationship Building in working with families and the young children with autism"
  • Concrete strategies for supporting communication development
  • Implementing Interventions into play maximize language development
  • Supervision to maximize staff skills in building Effective Relationship Based Interventions.
  • "Working with difficult to engage families."
  • "From the floor to the stairs: motor activities for families."
  • "Concrete strategies for supporting communication development with the young child with autism and their caregiver
  • Responding to NYC’s Linguistic and Cultural Diversity – Strategies to Reach all Families
  • NYC Early Intervention Program Responds to Questions in Implementing FAP
  • NYC Early Intervention NYC EIP