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Faculty Biographies - Teaching Beyond the Test

Patricia M. (Patsy) Cooper is an Assistant Professor of Language and Literacy in the Department of Teaching and Learning at the NYU Steinhardt School of Education.  She began her work in schools as a kindergarten teacher on the south side of Chicago.  Her professional interests embrace the intersection of home, school, and culture in early childhood education, literacy instruction, children’s literature, and effective teachers of children of color.  Her publications have focused on Vivian Paley’s impact on early childhood education, the role of race in teaching, student teachers in low performing schools, and children’s literature. 

Judith Mc Varish is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning Department at the NYU Steinhardt School of Education.  Her particular interests are how teachers and students develop and assess their mathematics understanding and how after school mathematics engagement supports young children’s development of mathematical ideas and thinking.  Judith is also doing research and writing about strategies for infusing mathematics reasoning throughout the elementary school day, in spite of current mandated curricula demands and standardized testing.

Frances Rust is Professor of Teacher Education in the Department of Teaching and Learning at the NYU Steinhardt School of Education. She was a member of the National Academy of Education’s Committee on Teacher Education and a contributing author to its book Preparing Teachers For A Changing World -- Chapter 3 (Development), Chapter 8 (Assessment), Chapter 11 (Design of Teacher Education)She is the author of several articles and books on teacher education, including Taking Action Through Teacher Research (Heinemann, 2003).  She is Immediate Past president of the National Association of Early Childhood Teacher Educators (NAECTE), Executive Editor of Teachers and Teaching—Theory and Practice, and Associate Editor of The Journal of Early Children Teacher Education. 

Joseph Salvatore is a Teacher in Educational Theatre in the Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions at the NYU Steinhardt School of Education.  His focus is on training teachers and teaching artists to integrate dramatic activities into the elementary and secondary classroom curricula.  Additionally, he teaches courses in acting, directing, and Shakespeare.  He is a member of the Educational Theatre Association, and a curriculum consultant for Dance Theater Workshop.  His academic writing has focused on self-assessment and portfolio review and using dramatic activities to explore multicultural issues and themes.