Events and Conferences

Presenters' Research

Xinyin Chen

Professor Xinyin Chen will be presenting "Social competence and adjustment in Chinese and North American children: A contextual-developmental perspective".

Social Competence and Adjustment in Chinese and North American Children

Andrew Cherlin

Professor Andrew Cherlin will be presenting "American Merry-Go-Round: The Causes and Consequences of Multiple Partnerships."

James Heckman

Professor James Heckman will be presenting "The Technology of Skill Formation."

The Economics of Human Development

For background reading on Professor Heckman's talk, please visit the following papers:

Heckman, James J. (2007). "The Economics, Technology and Neuroscience of
Human Capability Formation." Proceedings of the National Academy of
Sciences 104(33).

Knudsen, Eric I., Heckman, James J., Cameron, Judy and Shonkoff,
Jack P. (2006). "Building America's Future Workforce: Economic,
Neurobiological and
Behavioral Perspectives on Investment in Human Skill Development,"
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 103(27): 10155-10162.