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Science of Human Flavor Perception:
How neurogastronomy can help us create a healthier food environment

May 9, 2014

Eating is our most common behavior, done every day throughout our lives. While research has explained how our daily urge to consume food is controlled by hormones, there hasn’t been a good answer to why we like or dislike certain foods, or why we crave too much of what we enjoy. Over the course of the symposium, by drawing on principles of neuroscience, anatomy, public policy, psychology, nutrition, culinary arts, and anthropology, speakers will address why early exposure to foods, flavors and cooking contributes to flavor perception, which has powerful implications for food choices and the risk of obesity later in life.


Featured Keynote: Michael Moss, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter and author of Salt Sugar Fat


Integrated Marketing Communication for Behavioral Impact (IMC/COMBI) Summer Institute

July 7-25, 2014

In collaboration with the World Health Organization. A three-week intensive for health and social development professionals who have the responsibility for designing, supervising or managing health education and other IEC/social mobilization programs to achieve specific behavioral goals. Prior communication training is not required for this Institute.