Planning and Communication

Web and Marketing Team

The Web and Marketing Team within the NYU Steinhardt Office of Planning and Communication is a creative group of professionals whose efforts ensure that our internal and external communities are informed about the work and life of the School. The office is organized around the following areas of expertise: web development and design, advertising and branding, publications, multimedia, and social media.

Mary Beth Fenlaw
Director of Marketing
Office: Pless Hall, Room 566
Phone: 212 992 9453

  • Directs marketing and promotion efforts aimed at attracting prospective students and publicizing the image/brand of the School
  • Places all paid and free advertisements on behalf of Steinhardt and its academic departments (with the exception of faculty recruitment ads)
  • Develops school, department, and program recruitment publications as needed and provides input on department-created publications
  • Maintains Bronto email database of prospective students and sends targeted email communications on a regular basis
  • Directs the School’s main Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media accounts
  • Creates marketing surveys to prospective and current students
  • Co-leads strategic decision making and content development for the Steinhardt website
  • Provides training and support for the School’s visual identity

J. Geddis
Graphic Designer and Marketing Associate
Office: Pless Hall, Room 565
Phone: 212 998 5041

  • Art directs and designs School-level -- and as needed department- and program-level -- print publications, newsletters, and print and digital advertisements
  • Manages project schedules and budgets for print projects
  • Obtains estimates for print jobs in order to meet budgetary contraints
  • Art directs photo shoots for yearly marketing purposes and for special projects
  • Creates, designs and produces charts, graphs, infographics and logos for use online and for print
  • Works with the Web Designer to create visuals for multimedia presentations
  • Works with the Director of Marketing to create visual strategies for marketing and student recruitment
  • Hires freelance designers, photographers, and copy editors as needed
  • Maintains the School’s visual identity

Lisa Ko
Web Writer and Content Specialist
Office: Pless Hall, Room 562
Phone: 212 992 7650

  • Writes, edits, and proofreads content for NYU Steinhardt's website and email communications
  • Works with other Steinhardt departments and offices to create and update web content
  • Ensures that the Steinhardt website is being used effectively to advance the strategic communications and public engagement goals of the school
  • Develops and maintains editorial standards and style guidelines to bring consistency to how information is presented online
  • Reviews content across Steinhardt's academic department and center/institutes websites for timeliness, clarity, and accuracy
  • Collaborates with other members of the Web and Marketing Team to conceptualize the framework and structure of website sections

Michael Maffei
Web Programmer
Office: Pless Hall, Room 562
Phone: 212 998 5347

  • Responsible for the functionality and up-time of the NYU Steinhardt website and its components
  • Performs installations, upgrades, and maintenance tasks for web-related systems
  • Codes new features to enhance performance and usability
  • Repairs, modifies and updates existing code base

Social Media Coordinator and Marketing Associate


  • Writes daily compelling content (conversational, news, events, promotions) for the central Steinhardt Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to engage current and prospective students, alumni, and other fans/followers. Also maintains secondary social media accounts including Pinterest.
  • Monitors social media for mentions of Steinhardt, sharing and engaging with as appropriate
  • Reports on social media engagement and growth
  • Coordinates with other social media content producers in Steinhardt academic departments and administrative offices
  • Meets with colleagues around Steinhardt to help them set up and properly use social media channels
  • Represents Steinhardt at NYU social media ambassador meetings
  • Researches the most up-to-date social media best practices and strategies in order to find optimal ways to implement them in accordance with Steinhardt’s marketing goals
  • Assists the Director of Marketing with preparation of paid and free student recruitment advertisements

Chris Nichols
Web Designer and Multimedia Manager
Office: Pless Hall, Room 330
Phone: 212 998 5079

  • Art directs and designs NYU Steinhardt's online visual and multimedia presence
  • Designs the templates for all NYU Steinhardt websites (including the main Steinhardt site, all department/program sites, centers/institutes and school blogs)
  • Designs and codes NYU Steinhardt promotional emails and newsletters
  • Works with the Graphic Designer/Marketing Associate to catalogue the school's collection of photographs, taking additional photographs as needed
  • Works with the school’s social media team to create videos and visual graphics as needed
  • Co-leads strategic decision making and content development for the Steinhardt website
  • Maintains the School’s visual identity

M. Arthur Ohm
Web Development Project Manager
Office: Pless Hall, Room 330
Phone: 212 998 5308

  • Manages marketing and communications web development projects for NYU Steinhardt, collaborating with Web Team members, administrators, faculty, staff, and student organizations
  • Responsible for the functionality and up-time of the NYU Steinhardt website and its components
  • Supports, enhances, and maintains the Steinhardt Content Management System for the school community
  • Provides SCMS training and technical support for the school community
  • Co-leads strategic decision making and content development for the Steinhardt website

Graduate Student Intern

  • Updates planning- and communications-related content on the Steinhardt website
  • Assists the Web personnel with various tasks
  • Provides HTML support
  • Responds to help requests from the Steinhardt website users
  • Performs routine web-related tasks