Planning and Communication

Primary Font

Our primary typeface is Gotham. The Gotham type family comes in a wide variety of weights, making it useable both in body copy and for headlines and display. For standard text settings, use Gotham Book with Gotham Bold subheads for contrast.

Secondary Font

Gotham should be used in most situations, but there may be instances when a serif typeface is needed. Our secondary typeface is Sentinel. Designers should use this font when a more formal look is required, or in print projects that require extra styles for heads and subheads. Sentinel Book can be used for text settings, particularly when a scholarly or traditional tone is needed.

Download Gotham

The Gotham typeface family is available for download only to NYU Steinhardt administrators, staff, faculty, and NYU Steinhardt student designers of postcards, posters, and other publications. A limited number of font licenses are available.

To access the font, first request approval from the Office of Planning and Communication. Make sure you include your NYU netID in your request. Your NYU netID will then be activated so that you can directly download the fonts here.
For installation assistance visit Hoefler & Frere-Jones's support page.

If you are not affiliated with NYU Steinhardt, please do not request a font license from this website. You can buy both fonts directly from Hoefler & Frere-Jones.

When Not to Use Gotham and Sentinel

For Steinhardt administrators, staff, faculty, and students not directly involved with graphic design projects, widely available standard computer fonts have been chosen as substitutions. The substitute for Gotham is Arial, and the substitute for Sentinel is Times New Roman. The Arial font should be employed for everyday uses such as letter writing, fax cover sheets, simple desktop flyers, and business forms. Times New Roman can also be used for text settings particularly when a scholarly or traditional tone is needed. If you have questions about how to use Arial or Times New Roman, please contact the Office of Planning and Communication.