Future CCTOP Students

The Application Process and Timeline

We know that this part of the process can be a bit anxiety-inducing; hopefully, knowing what's coming can help ease that for you.

First, get nominated

This allows us to know of your potential eligibility and gets CCTOP involved in the process. It also gets you a fee waiver for the application  – enjoy the $70! Ideally, this is early in the semester before you'd like to attend. The quick, online form can be completed by any faculty member or administrator. 

Steinhardt is partnered with two other divisions of NYU through the CCTOP program: The NYU Silver School of Social Work and the NYU School of Professional Studies – Paul McGhee Division. All nominations will continue to go through this CCTOP page. 

Silver and Steinhardt both work through the same central offices for Admissions and Financial Aid, and all of the information on this page applies to the Silver School, as well as Steinhardt. SPS-McGhee is structured for non-traditional students and offers different programs; please visit their website for information on their application and aid processes.

Second, complete the online application for Undergraduate Admission

Remember, you're applying for a specific program in NYU Steinhardt, so requirements may vary. Some consistencies, however:

  • Undergraduate Admissions uses the Common Application only. In completing that application, you will indicate that you're a transfer, and on the NYU Supplement it will ask you for the school and program of choice, but there is no special application for Steinhardt or CCTOP. Be sure to complete the supplement (accessible through the online Common Application), as it asks for specific information and personal statements in addition to the rest of the application, and the application will not submit correctly without it.
  • Application Deadlines are April 1 for Fall applicants, and November 1 for Spring applicants. Make sure you apply with plenty of time to spare.
  • All applicants are required to submit sealed, official transcripts from high school and all colleges attended. If you've opened it, it's not official, so have it sent directly to us. Even if your classes are in progress, we need an official copy.
  • We do not require SAT or ACT results for transfer applicants with more than 30 credits. To that end, the high school transcript is required, but only because we're required to have proof of graduation in your file. Your college GPA is the big thing.
  • Personal statements are exactly that – personal, and brief.  No, there is no correct answer. We want to know you. That's in 250-650 words. We're talking less than a page here. So, keep them, brief, on point, and have fun with it – this is your opportunity to express yourself! 
  • Don't let the essay scare you, but take it seriously. It's how we get to know you; with nearly 65,000 applicants, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions can't do personal interviews. An important note here: we know this is a common application, so we're not expecting this to be about NYU.  We have a personal statement on the supplement for that. (Literally. The question is "Why NYU?") This is all about you, your goals, and your path. This is your opportunity to stand out!
  • Programs in the arts have additional requirements that you must complete DURING the application process. For all Music and Theatre programs, including Educational Theatre, Music Business and Music Technology, there are specific audition requirements. For Studio Art, there is a Portfolio review requirement. Please follow the directions for the NYU Supplement and do not follow the instructions for the Common Application Art Supplement.
  • The email you received when you were nominated will serve as your fee waiver. Submit the application by choosing "Other Fee Waiver" and mail in a printout of the email you received to the address included. SPS-McGhee does not charge an application fee, so there is no fee waiver if you you are nominated for and applying to that division.
Third, make sure your FAFSA is filed, and sit tight!

Admissions will begin sending out decisions generally within a few weeks after the deadline, and continue on a rolling basis as applications are completed. Financial Aid information generally follows about two weeks later, as long as you have completed and submitted the FAFSA. Make sure to include NYU (code 002785), so we can package you right away. DO NOT WAIT to be admitted before filing the FAFSA or updating in for NYU. It applies to an entire academic year, even if you transfer mid-year, so all you need to do is include NYU on the form so that we can see it and award you aid. You may update your FAFSA at any time. Delays in filing the FAFSA will delay our ability to get you information. All divisions of NYU require the FAFSA in order to award financial aid.

Contact CCTOP

Jacqueline McPhillips, Director 

Pless Hall, 82 Washington Square East, 2nd Floor
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NYU Steinhardt
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