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Much Edu About Nothing - International Education (read all posts)

Much Edu About Nothing - International Education

Phillip, a master's student in our International Education program, talks about educational policy and the news affecting teachers and students everywhere.

  • Italian university switches to English

    Italian university switches to English:

    BBC - 

    “The waters of globalisation are rising around higher education - and the university believes that if it remains Italian-speaking it risks isolation and will be unable to compete as an international institution”

    Call me a crotchety old preservationist, but this all seems a little sad. And also inevitable.

    I can’t complain too much, though. Attending the university that most champions international competition - and probably drives most of it with its insatiable satellisation of the world - I’ve totally bought into the whole globalisation of higher Ed. thing.


    Published: Wednesday, May 16th 2012 09:52 AM
  • China: the world's cleverest country?

    China: the world's cleverest country?:

    BBC -

    “One a recent trip to a poor province in China, he says he saw that schools were often the most impressive buildings. He says in the West, it is more likely to be a shopping centre”.

    These findings kind of fly in the face of the whole idea of decentralising education. Although having said that, I wonder how many Uighurs or Tibetans were included in the survey. Pisa doesn’t analyse, obviously, equality and justice in social studies curricula.

    Anyway making human rights jibes at China is like shooting fish in a barrel. These are still fascinating findings. When I was teaching in Mexico a few years ago, Pisa data was everything. There was a mad rush to make Mexican schools at Finnish as possible. I wonder if a Chinese makeover will be on the cards next.

    Don’t know when PISA 2012 results are to made available, but I’m looking forward to the Helsinki vs. Shanghai battle royale.

    Published: Friday, May 11th 2012 12:37 PM

Jameelah Johnson - Teaching English as a Second Language (read all posts)

Jameelah Johnson - Teaching English as a Second Language

Jameelah is a graduate student our TESOL program and also tutoring NYC students after school as part of the America Reads program. Read about her experiences!

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    I seem pretty upbeat on here, don't I? Well, life in graduate school has its ups and downs. And I have been going through it! It is finals time...and I have presentations, papers, and formal finals to complete. I'm pretty...

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  • Fridays Are Fun!

    Maybe it's the day, maybe it's the month, who knows?! This past Friday (better known as "yesterday) was nothing but crazy fun madness at the middle school. It's so hard to focus on grading when one of the teachers buys...

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The Village Bite - Nutrition and Dietetics (read all posts)

The Village Bite - Nutrition and Dietetics

The life and times of Sarah, a master's student in our Nutrition and Dietetics Program. Everything from food policy to recipes.

  • Help Support ADA

    Hello all! If you're involved in the nutrition world at all, you may have heard about the CMS statement on pediatric counseling for obesity. If you're not familiar, fear not. I am here to educate. Esentially, CMS determined it will...

    Published: Friday, December 9th 2011 06:56 PM
  • Quantum Leap Delicious

    Remember a few weeks ago how I posted about my favorite brunch spots? Add this guy to the list: Quantum Leap Foods Just had brunch there with a friend (also in NYU's Nutrition program), and we are OBSESSED! This was...

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