MA in International Education

Courses - Spring 2011

Course Guide for International Education Students - This is a guide only and courses should be approved by advisors.

Foundations In International Education

Course #Call #Course TitleCreditsDayTimeProfessor
E53.2007.001 40777 Comparative Stud Educ I 4 W 0455-0635PM Murphy-Graham
E53.2007.002 40778 Recitation 0 W 0645-0745PM Koster, Karleigh
E53.2007.003 40779 Recitation 0 W 0745-0845PM Koster, Karleigh
E53.2023.001 43188 Cross-Cultural Studies Of Socialization 4 T 0455-0635PM Idriss, Cynthia
E53.2023.002 43189 Recitation 0 T 0645-0745PM Wahl, Rachel
E53.2023.003 43190 Recitation 0 T 0645-0745PM Moland, Naomi
E53.2023.004 43191 Recitation 0 T 0745-0845PM Wahl, Rachel
E53.2023.005 43192 Recitation 0 T 0745-0845PM Moland, Naomi
E53.2025.001 40783 Comparative Studies Of Socialization 4 M 0455-0635PM Hosay/ Burde
E53.2025.002 40784 Recitation 0 M 0645-0745PM Wood, Alexandra
E53.2025.003 40785 Recitation 0 M 0645-0745PM Friedman, Jon
E53.2025.004 40786 Recitation 0 M 0745-0845PM Wood, Alexandra
E53.2025.005 40787 Recitation 0 M 0745-0845PM Friedman, Jon

Highly Recommended Electives

Course #Call #Course TitleCreditsDayTimeProfessor
E63.2527.001 40984 Development Of Immigrant Origin Youth 3 M 0200-0340PM Suarez-Orozco
E53.2027.001 40788 Intl Perspectives On Gender And Education 3 M 0200-0340PM Murphy-Graham
E53.2862.001 40801 International Dev Educ 3 R 0200-0340PM Burde, Dana
E20.2055.001 43186 Cultural Psychology 3 M 0200-0340PM Suarez-Orozco
E20.2090.001 43184 Plng Chang Organ Settings 3 T 0200-0340PM Arum, Richard
E20.2163.001 40242 Soc Of Higher Ed 3 T 0455-0635PM Hammack, Floyd
E20.3030.001 43185 Classical Social Theory 3 W 0455-0635PM Arcilla, Rene
E53.5312 40800 Cross Cultural Education for a Global Economy 3 R 0200-0340PM Spielman, Lynda
E87.2392  43357 Approaches to International Film: The Experience of Modernity  3  T 0200-0340PM R. Arcilla
E98. 2045  43641 INTERNATIONALIZATION AND STUDY ABROAD  3  W 0455-0635PM Teboho Moja

Research Methods

Course #Call #Course TitleCreditsDayTimeProfessor
E10.2085.001 40083 Basic Statistics I 3 M 0620-0900PM TBD
E10.2085.002 40084 Basic Statistics I 3 T 0620-0900PM TBD
E10.2135.001 40087 Historical Research 3 T 0455-0635PM Cohen, Robert
E10.2140.001 40089 Approaches To Qualititave Inquiry 3 T 0200-0445PM Norman, E.
E10.2141.001 40091 Case Study/ Ethnographic Inquiry 3 S 0100-0400PM Larson, C.
E10.2142.001 40092 Interview And Observation 3 M 0200-0445PM Way, Niobe
E10.2142.002 40093 Interview And Observation 3 M 0200-0445PM Smith, Anna

Additional Recommended Electives

Course #Call #Course TitleCreditsDayTimeProfessor
E15.2015.001   International Environmental Governance: Education, Advocacy and NGO       H. Schiffman
E63.2003.001 40954 Social Psychology 3 R 0455PM-0635PM Aronson
E63.2222.001 42990 Cross-Cultural Research Methods 3 M 0645PM-0825PM Sirin
E63.2682.001 41030 Cross-Cultural Counseling 3 M 0455PM-0635PM Okazaki
E63.2682.001 41031 Cross-Cultural Counseling 3 T 0200PM-0340PM Mc Rae
E63.2682.001 41032 Cross-Cultural Counseling 3 W 0455PM-0635PM Wong
E29.2005.001 40356 Intercult Persp:In Multicultural Education 3 M 0455PM-0635PM Decapua
P11.2125.001 50070 Foundation Nonprofit Mgt 4 R 0645PM-0825PM Ospina
P11.2215.001 50084 Globalization & Its Impact On The State 4 M 0835PM-1015PM Kamal
P11.2228.001 50088 Politics Of Int'L Development 4 R 0645PM-0845PM Gershman
P11.2228.001 50243 Politics Of Int'L Development 4 T 1230PM-0230PM Gershman
G10.1048.001 30020 International Studies In Human Rights 4 R 0610PM-0900PM Lucas
G53.1751.001 30614 International Relations 4 T 1000AM-1200PM Bueno De Mesqui
G53. 1732.001 30646 Topics In International Organizations 4 W 1000AM-1200PM Acikgoz, Gizem
G93. 2153.001 31440 Social Movements 4 W 0620PM-0900PM TBD
G93. 2227.001 31202 Sex And Gender 4 T 0330PM-0610PM Stacey, Judith
G65. 1045.001 30904 International Studies In Human Rights 4 R 0610PM-0900PM Lucas, Peter

Recommended Area Studies Courses

Course #Call #Course TitleCreditsDayTimeProfessor
G11.2303 31547 Visual Performance Studies: Black Atlantic 4 M 200PM-445PM Amkpa
G11.2651 31412 Topics In Caribbean Literature 4 T 620PM-900PM Brathwaite
G11.2901 31602 Topics: Theorizing Race And Slavery 4 W 1100AM-145PM TBD
G11.3212 31468 Stuart Hall:Race & New Identities 4 T 455PM-735PM White
G11.3213 31533 Topics: Deconstructing Obama 4 W 455PM-735PM Dent
G11.3213 31534 Topics:African American Language, Politics, Education & Culture 4 W 200PM-445PM Blake
Latin America
G10.1717.001 30023 Government & Politics Of Latin America 4 T 0400PM-0600PM Navia, Patricio
G10.1014.001 31543 Cuba In Revolution History, Myth, Memory 4 R 0130PM-0400PM TBD
G95.2822.001 31589 Latin American Theatre 4 M 0330PM-0615PM TBD
G10.1020.001 31542 Gen Race & Popular Cult Theory Latin America 4 W 0200PM-0430PM TBD
G10.2030.001 31562 Independence In Latin America 4 T 0200PM-0445PM TBD
Asia/ South Asia
G65.1414.001 30919 Cult, Emp, Power: Irish/ Indian Cases Brit Empire 4 W 0330PM-0600PM Lee, John Josep
G53.2774.001 30674 Pol Econ Of Pacific Bsn 4 W 0620PM-0820PM TBD
G33.1270.001 31423 Studies In Korean Modernity 4 R 0200PM-0430PM Oh, Se-Mi
G33.1997.001 31556 Postwar Japan 4 R 0930AM-1215PM TBD
G33.1919.001 31477 Problems In History Of Early Modern China 4 W 0930AM-1215PM Waley-Cohen, Jo
E98.2152.001 43356 Global Perspectives In Higher Ed: India 3   Study Abroad – January 2011  
Middle East
G53.2590.001 31265 Govt & Politics Of The Middle East 4 R 410PM-600PM Kazemi, Farhad
G77.1612.001 31458 Transnationalism And The Middle East 4 TR 0455-0735PM TBD
G77.1642.001 31553 History Of Mid East: 1750-Present 4 W 0245-0445PM TBD
G77.1654.001 31459 Seminar In Modern Middle East History 4 W 0445-0755PM TBD
G77.1687.001 31457 Prob And Meth In Mideast Studies 4 T 0200-0445PM TBD
G77.1700.001 31460 Intro To Islamic Studies 4 TBA TBA TBD
G65.2670.001 30942 A Modern Mediterranean Region: Myth Or Reality 4 T 1100AM-0100PM Santarelli, Lid
G42.3507.001   30420   Pols Of Immigration & Integration Western Europe  4     Maier, Silvia
G65.3900.001 30967 The Politics Of Human Rights And Freedom In Europe 4 R 0930AM-1130AM Maier, Silvia
G42.2707.001 31523 Human Rights And Humanitarian Intervention 4 M 0455-0735PM Nolan, Mary
G42.3901.002 31598 Democracy And Dictatorship In Europe 4 T 0500-0700PM Lemke-Daempflin
G42.3901.003 31615 The Eu And Its Global Relations 4 W 1100-0100PM TBD
Russia/ Eurasia
G91.1320.001 31559 Russia And The Ussr: Modernity In Practice 4 W 1100AM-0100PM TBD
G91.2129.001 31375 Imagining Eurasia: Eura Frontier, Russian History 4 F 1100-0100PM Knight, N.

Internship Course

Course #Call #Course TitleCreditsDayTimeProfessor
E53.2802.001 40797 Field Study & Sem In Int'L Ed 4      

Doctoral Seminars

Course #Call #Course TitleCreditsDayTimeProfessor
E53.3098.001 43359 Content Sem In Intl Ed Ii 3 T 0200-0345PM Hosay

Independent Studies - These Course Require Permission From Instructor

Course #Call #Course TitleCreditsDayTimeProfessor
E53.2300.001 40790 Independent Study 1-4     Hosay, Philip
E53.2300.002 40791 Independent Study 1-4     Idriss, Cynthia
E53.2300.003 40792 Independent Study 1-4     Burde, Dana
E53.2300.004 40793 Independent Study 1-4     Murphy-Graham
E53.2300.005 40794 Independent Study 1-4     Corcoran, Sean