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Presented by the Performa Institute and NYU Steinhardt 
Friday, April 24
Saturday, April 25
Einstein Auditorium, Barney Building
34 Stuyvesant Street 

Paradiso: Performing the Renaissance is the name of Performa's upcoming biennial. This year Performa explores the experimentation and interdisciplinarity that is engrained in the practice of contemporary performance art. The conference embodies Performa's curatorial research on the influence of the Renaissance. The conference will highlight how contemporary performance art practices parallel those of the Renaissance, in which artists, architects, and scientists cross the boundaries of their professions to create live events integral to civic and cultural life. Participants include David Hallberg, Zach Layton, Kate Lowe, Alexander Nagel, Katharine Park, Shahzia Sikander, Pamela Smith, Claire Tancons, Rebecca Zorach, and Our Literal Speed.

Free admission with reservaton, with the dates you will attend.

Wednesday, April 29
6:30 pm
Einstein Auditorium, Barney Building
34 Stuyvesant Street 

Conversation between Julie Saul, owner of Julie Saul Gallery, who represented Kwong Chi Tseng’s estate from 1996 to 2002, and Shelley Rice, NYU professor of the history of photography.
Co-sponsored by NYU’s Masters Program in Visual Arts Administration, Department of Art & Art Professions, Steinhardt School; Department of Art History; Department of Photography & Imaging, TSOA; and Grey Art Gallery. In conjunction with "Tseng Kwong Chi: Performing for the Camera" on view at the Grey Art Gallery April 21-July 11.

Saturday, May 2
Reception: 5-6pm
Einsteen Auditorium
Barney Building, 34 Stuyvesant Street

The Sari Project focuses on the importance and understanding of the sari, a classic unstitched garment so integral to women's dress in India. Promoting and teaching the history of the sari, which has been worn by Indian women for over 200 years, is central to guest lecturer, Rta Kapur Chishti's work. She will be leading a lecture and workshop illuminating the contemporary interpretations of draping the versatile, lyrical sari. Chishti, who is from India, is a hand-woven textile advocate and author of Saris: Tradition and Beyond. Journalist of Indian art and culture, Louise Nicholson will also be featured as a guest speaker. After the lecture and workshop there will be a reception serving Indian fare.
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