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3rd Floor Office Lounge, Barney Building
On view through Summer 2014

Hugh O’Rourke, in collaboration with NYU Steinhardt's Department of Art and Art Professions, is pleased to present the exhibition Captured. The show features works by artists teaching in the NYU Print Department, including Noah Breuer, Mark Johnson, Kiki Smith, Ruby Sky Stiler, Valerie Hammond, and Gustabo Velazquez.
Notes From the Curator:
Specifically within art, when we think of the term "captured," it is in reference to how well someone depicted what is essential to the object or image being looked at. Capturing a feeling or likeness beyond simple representation is what constitutes a striving force for all artists working across varying mediums. 

The idea of “captured” as a theme for a print show was imagined and enforced by the idea of printmaking itself. Printmaking as an art form captures line, gesture, and a specific kind of sharpness in a way other forms of art making do not. No two prints are exactly alike, and in this way, prints are literally moments captured in time, each one unique and frozen within its moment of creation.  
Whether it is the gravitational forces depicted by Mark Johnson, being in the clutches of a tiger in the work of Kiki Smith, or the vast mountainous landscapes of Noah Breuer, all of the artists in the show have created images that are sure to ensnare their viewer.  

Being rescued is the hope of all those captured, but when referring to great art, the aim is to stay captured as long as possible.

- Hugh O’Rourke
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80 WSE

Dennis Witkin: Salvage Operation
On view through August 4th, 2014
In a new series of works, Dennis Witkin, BFA, explores the potential folding in, breaking down and reconstruction of identity by means of the mass consumer who is at once both customer and “designer.”