Summer Programs

NYU Summer Studio Art Residency

June 4 – July 29, 2017

New York University’s Summer Studio Residency provides a genuinely immersive studio experience for the recent BFA graduate who is dedicated to studio time, theoretical concerns, and establishing a professional practice for a career in art.

Located on NYU's historic campus, in the internationally recognized Steinhardt Department of Art and Art Professions, Summer Studio Residency is a non-residential, 8-week program offering an intensive studio and seminar experience for recent recipients of a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Residency participants will function as practicing artists in a structured studio/seminar atmosphere, and receive semi-private studio spaces for the duration of the program’s run. Residents will also meet in individual and group critiques, and participate in group reading seminars.

In addition to developing a close community of emerging creatives, particpants will also engage in the following objectives: 

  • Dedicated time and discussion towards the further development of skills in relation to a personal studio practice, theoretical and critical thinking, and a comprehension of the multi-institutional perspectives of cultivating and maintaining an art career in New York City
  • 24-hour access to NYU’s semi-private studios in the East Village
  • Access to other creative institutions, such as the Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New Museum, and Whitney Museum of Art

Through the semi-private studio atmosphere, residents will be expected to maintain a rigorous practice, utilizing this time to further develop critical ideas through their studio. Participants should anticipate meeting weekly with visiting artists and scholars to discuss their ideas and work. Led by a contemporary scholar, participants will also meet weekly in a seminar group to discuss critical texts pertaining to theories of art, aesthetics, and philosophical inquiry as they relate to art practices. Workshops will be offered weekly to provide and discuss practical perspectives on cultivating an art career. Participants will also visit important sites of creative discourse located throughout New York City. During these trips residents should expect to meet emerging and leading scholars and creatives in their field. Residents will be encouraged to meet with each other throughout, fostering a strong community within the structure of the program.

This is not a credit-bearing program, but participants are required to balance studio time, studio visits, critical text reading groups, professional practices workshops, and critiques.

Who Can Apply

This program is open to recent recipients of a BFA (those completing their BFAs during Spring 2017). As a non-residential program, housing will not be provided. Because of this we encourage regionally-located recent graduates to apply to this emerging studio program. While there is a call for nominations from Studio Art faculty in area schools, we strongly encourage all interested parties to apply for acceptance.

With only 24 slots, this program seeks to create a close-knit community of dedicated critical thinkers, who envision their studio practice as necessary.

Residents will receive 24-hour access to semi-private studios in NYU’s Art and Art Professions studios located at 20 Cooper Square. The open-air model assists in establishing an accessible and fluent art community.

Program Costs
Residents are responsible for a studio fee of $4,000 for the 8-week program. 

For this fee of $500 per week, residency participants will gain access to efficient work space in which one can focus specific time to the exploration of ideas and content through: painting, photography, video, sculpture, etc. This fee also covers weekly seminars in theory and professional practices, and studio visits and site visits.

Please note:
The 20 Cooper Studios are equipped with a limited amount of tools. Participants should anticipate bringing materials necessary for the successful exploration of ideas and practice.

Generous scholarships are available!

How to Apply

The Summer Studio Residency application opens in early February.  

Summer Studio Residency applicants must complete a two-step process.

First:  Apply to the Summer Studio Residency program

Second, upload your portfolio to SlideRoom.  The SlideRoom link will be located at the end of the online application.

Online applications and SlideRoom uploads will be considered on a rolling basis but must be completed no later than Monday, May 1, 2017.

Applicants will receive notification by Monday, May 8, 2017.

Accepted Applicants:
Accepted applicants will receive further information and access in the form of emails. Please be patient during the procession of applications.

For more information, please contact Professor Noel W Anderson at