Department of Art and Art Professions

Minors in Studio Art & Global Visual Art

Studio Art Minor

The undergraduate Studio Art minor requires 16 points as noted below. Students who wish to register in classes above the introductory level will need to have their art work reviewed by Alex Jovanovich. (Note: Courses on the 1000 level are open only to juniors and seniors.)

Required Core Courses: 12 Points

Select one course from each of the three core areas.


Intro to Drawing I, ART-UE 0101
Intro to Drawing II, ART-UE 0102 (for students with prior drawing experience)
Intro to Painting I, ART-UE 0103
Intro to Painting II, ART-UE 0104 (for students with prior painting experience)
Intro to Printmaking I, ART-UE 0105

2. SCULPTURE (4 points):
Intro to Sculpture I, ART-UE 0201
Intro to Ceramics I, ART-UE 0503
Intro to Metalsmithing, ART-UE 0501

3. MEDIA (4 points):
Intro to Digital Photo, ART-UE 0300
Intro to Photo I, ART-UE 0301
Intro to Photo II, ART-UE 0302 (for students with prior photo experience)
Intro to Digital Art I, ART-UE 0303
Intro to Video Art I, ART-UE 0305
Intro to Design I, ART-UE 401
Intro to Design II, ART-UE 402 (for students who took Intro to Design I)

Elective: 4 Points

Select any intro course listed above that has not already been used to satisfy the core requirement. Also, topics courses, which are advanced-level classes for non-majors, can be taken if the introductory level course has been completed.

Topics in Drawing, ART-UE 1120
Topics in Painting, ART-UE 1140
Topics in Sculpture, ART-UE 1230
Topics in Photography, ART-UE 1320
Topics in Ceramics, ART-UE 1540
Topics in Design, ART-UE 1430
Interdisciplinary Topics in the Arts, ART-UE 1030

General Descriptions of Art Department Courses

For further information on Art Minors:
Students should first check with their major advisor to determine how these minors fit into their undergraduate curriculum.

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