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Minors in Studio Art & Global Visual Art

Global Visual Art Minor

The Department of Art and Art Professions offers studio and critical studies art courses at NYU global academic centers in Berlin, Florence, Shanghai, Prague, and Abu Dhabi. Combining course work from NYU's founding campus on Washington Square with courses taken abroad enables students to create a distinctive minor in global visual art. Classes abroad are taught in English by artists and faculty who introduce students to local art scenes and help them to understand the differences in global cultures that are influencing contemporary art. These global centers have enhanced art facilities for students working in media such as photography, video, drawing, and painting. Students may combine courses from multiple NYU centers.

Students minoring in global visual art take four or more courses (minimum 16 points) of required and elective art offerings, taken in both New York City and abroad. Most of the courses are offered through Steinhardt and some are offered through the College of Arts and Science.

Component I 

Two Courses (one Critical Studies and one Studio Art) taken in New York (7-8 points):

A. Select one Critical Studies class from among the following:

ARTCR-UE 10 Art, Practice + Ideas - 4 points
ARTCR-UE 55 Art of Now - 4 points
ARTCR-UE 0050 Modern Art and Contemporary Culture – 3 points
ARTCR-UE 0010/LIBAR-UE 0941 Art: Practice and Ideas – 4 points May also satisfy Expressive Cultures MAP requirement for Steinhardt students.
ARTH-UA 0510 East Asian Art I: China, Korea, Japan, to 1000 CE – 4 points
ARTH-UA 0511 East Asian Art II: China, Korea, Japan, to 1000 CE to Present - 4 points
ARTH-UA 0550 South Asian Art I: Indus Valley to 1200 – 4 points
ARTH-UA 0551 South Asian Art II: Indus Valley 1200 to Present – 4 points
ARTH-UA 0540 Art in the Islamic World I: From Prophet to Mongols – 4 points
ARTH-UA 0541 Art in the Islamic World II: Mongols to Present – 4 points
ARTH-UA 0560 Art and Architecture of Sub-Saharan Africa & the South Pacific – 4 points

B. Select one introductory studio course: (4 points):

Intro to Drawing I, ART-UE 0101
Intro to Drawing II, ART-UE 0102 (for students with prior drawing experience)
Intro to Painting I, ART-UE 0103
Intro to Painting I, ART-UE 0104 (for students with prior painting experience)
Intro to Sculpture, ART-UE 0201
Intro to Video Art, ART-UE 0305
Intro to Photo I, ART-UE 0301
Intro to Photo II, ART-UE 0302 (for students with prior photo experience)
Intro to Digital Art, ART-UE 0303
ART-UE 19xx Interdisciplinary Projects (topics TBA)

Component II.

Select two or more courses from one or more study abroad locations (7 or more points):

A. Course options in Berlin:

ART-UE 1916 Interdisciplinary Projects: Autobiography: Berlin – 3 points
ARTS-UG 1624 Projects in Drawing – 3 points
ARTS-UG 9308 Projects in Photography - Digital Imaging - 4 points
ARTCR-UE 0052 Contemporary Art - 3 points
ART-UE.9381 Art of Noise: Sound, Environment, Installation - 3 points
ARTH-UA xxxx Art History Elective – 4 points

B. Course options in Shanghai:

ART-UE 1380 Projects in Photography: China - 3 points
ART-UE 1917 Interdisciplinary Projects:
Art in Translation: Calligraphy and Modern Ink - 2-4 points
ARTCR-UE 9077 Contemporary Art and New Media in China - 4 points

C. Course option in Prague:

ART-UE 9301 Introduction to Photography - 4 points

D. Course option in Florence:

ART-UE 9101 Introduction to Drawing - 2 points

See general descriptions of art department courses.

For further information on art minors:
Students are encouraged to meet with Student Services Counselor Alex Jovanovich for advisement; it is helpful to bring artwork to this meeting. Students should first check with their major adviser to determine how these minors fit into their undergraduate curriculum.

Alex Jovanovich