Degree Requirements

M.F.A. Studio Art

Degree Requirements

The MFA Studio Art program requires the completion of 60 points during 2 years of full-time study culminating in a Thesis Exhibition at 80WSE in the last semester of the second year.

The core of the program is structured around individual and group critiques with faculty, visiting artists, critics, and curators in the MFA Studio Critique and MFA Critique and Review classes. 

The recent roster of visiting and adjunct faculty includes Ellen Berkenblit, Peter Eleey, Richard Flood, Matt Day Jackson, Kurt Kauper, Jennifer Krasinski, Kalup Linzy, Leigh Ledare, Charles Long, Rick Moody, Jack Pierson, Erika Ranee, David Salle, Marthe Schwendener, and Claude Wampler.

Students may also sign up for studio visits with full-time faculty and an additional slate of visiting artists that has included R.C. Baker, Huma Bhabha, Dike Blair, Kerstin Brätsch, Cecily Brown, Xavier Cha, Dan Colen, Cynthia Daignault, Moyra Davey, Alex De Corte, Kelite Ferris, Nicolas Guagnini, Bruce Hainley, Jim Hodges, Paul Ramirez Jonas, Matt Keegan, Mary Reid Kelley, Martin Kersels, Josh Kline, Wayne Koestenbaum, Barbara Kruger, Simone Leigh, Nicholas Mauss, Dough McKenzie, Sam Messer, John Miller, Rebecca Morris, Peter Nadin, Yvonne Rainer, Mika Rottenberg, Tom Sachs, Joel Shapiro
Amie Siegel, Mickalene Thomas, and Sue Williams

The seminar and studio courses have included “Articulating the Visual Arts” taught by Rick Moody; “Contemporary Practice” with Matthew Day Jackson; "Advanced Projects in Painting" taught by MFA Program Director Maureen Gallace with Jack Pierson; "Art in Contemporary Culture” taught by Martha Schwendener; “Film as Art” with  Jennifer Krasinski;  and "Autobiography" taught by Ross Blecker and Maureen Gallace.

Students may elect to take graduate courses in other programs and schools at NYU by advisement and with the permission of the sponsoring program.