Department of Art and Art Professions


Ikuko Acosta

Clinical Assistant Professor of Art and Art Education

Ikuko Acosta

Phone: 1 (212) 998 5700

Ikuko Acosta, Ph.D., ATR-BC. Director of the Graduate Art Therapy Program, has extensive clinical experiences as an art therapist as well as an art therapy educator for the past twenty years. She has worked with a wide range of populations including geriatrics,adults, adolescents and children. She has lectured widely, and has presented workshops and inservices throughout the United States and other countries including Italy, Korea, Iceland, and Turkey. She has published articles in "American Journal of Art Therapy" and currently serves as an Educational Committee member at American art Therapy Associations, Inc.

Selected Publications

  • Rediscovering the Dynamic Properties Inherent in Art, American Journal of Art Therapy. Vol.39, February 2001.

Degrees Held

  • M.A. New York University
    Art Therapy
  • Ph.D. New York University
    Arts and Humanities
  • B.A. Rutgers University
    Fine Arts

Research Interests

  • New Directions in Art Therapy:
  • Art Therapy in Non-Clinical Settings
  • International Development of Art Therapy


  • Art for Art Therapists
  • Pictorial and Sculptural Analysis
  • Art Therapy with Groups
  • Art Therapy Thesis and Research
  • Internship Supervision
  • Supervision Techniques in Art Therapy