Art and Art Professions


Barney Building Galleries
Open Stacks
April 19-April 29, 2017
Open Stacks is the integral physical and virtual gateway by which our broad and diverse community may access information, congregate to freely exchange ideas, celebrate literacy and cultural growth in a leisurely yet lively atmosphere. Open Stacks will provide individualized services delivered in a professional manner while being fully responsive to individual needs. Featuring Iiana BIlor-Wesly, Olivia Andrews, Johanna Asgeirsdottir, Vienna Enos, Phoebe Louise Randall, Dylan Riley, Harlie Rush, Kiyomi Taylor, Beverly Terry, Emily Wang.

May 3-May 13, 2017
Abhiniti Huja, Callie Cramer, Monica Driscoll, Sonja haroldson, Bianca Kann, Ila Krishnamoorthy, Cooper Lovano, Anna Marchisello, Daniel Mock, Jackie Monoson

Dark Matters Without Time
Dark Matter is enigmatic.  It generates a gravitational field but does it without emitting light.  We also know it exists by how it affects the movement of other things. Art is mysterious. It stops time…for a moment or more we experience lightness, a relief from the responsibility of knowing. This suspension is a visit with our immortality.  We feel less fear and more free. To stop time is the function of art. 

This installation by John Torreano is to honor his 25 year collaboration with NYU and the Department of Art and Art Professions. Curated by Hugh O’Rourke.


NYU MFA Thesis Exhibition in Two Parts

MFA Thesis Exhibition - Part I
Opening April 5th 5-8pm
On View through April 25th
Stephen Gurtowski
Harry Kleeman
Caitlyn McLaughlin
Marz Saffore
Gabrielle Vitollo

Program flyer
MFA Thesis Exhibition - Part II
Opening May 3rd 5-8pm
On View through May 23rd
Carly Burnell
Billy Jacobs
Chris Albert Lee
Kaushani Patel
Eric Santoscoy-Mckillip

Grey Art Gallery
Mark Motherbaugh/ Myopia 
April 26-July 15, 2017

Washington Windows

Lyle Ashton Harris 
On view through June 9, 2017.
80 Washington Square East Galleries is pleased to present Journal Excerpts 1997-2000; part of the larger ongoing project, Ektachrome Archives, by New York based artist Lyle Ashton Harris (b.1965, Bronx, New York). Journal Excerpts features photographs showcasing a selection of journal pages intermixed with essays and images that are a part of Harris’ Ektachrome Archives. These works, as well as others from the archiveproject will be featured in Harris’ forthcoming monograph, Today I Shall Judge Nothing That Occurs, to be published by the Aperture Foundation this fall.

Excavated from Harris’s extensive personal chronicles, this diverse collection of evocative imagery captures fleeting moments lived by the artist in public and private spaces among his circle of close friends, family and acquaintances.These selections are part of an assemblage that serves not only to memorialize, but also to evoke lived moments at the intersection of the personal and the political, presenting a dynamic experience that re-engages time past to affectively impact the present.