Department of Art and Art Professions

Master of Arts in Visual Arts Administration

Arts Administration in the European Context

The Netherlands and Berlin, Germany

This program will be offered next in June 2016.

Program description:
Begun in 1994, this international seminar offers graduate students, alumni of arts administration programs, and arts management professionals a unique opportunity to examine exciting changes in the visual and performing arts in a broad range of European venues. Students explore current cultural and social issues affecting international arts practices in both nonprofit and for-profit institutions. Working professionals gain fresh insights into managing arts organizations while acquiring an overview of European cultural policies


The program challenges students to compare and contrast American attitudes towards the arts (as embodied in U.S. public funding mechanisms and marketing and development strategies) with the long-established European tradition of government funding – even as that tradition now finds itself confronted by dwindling budgets and the need to appeal to a changing and more diverse constituency. Seminar participants have ample opportunity to discuss policy-making, planning, and entrepreneurial initiatives with leading arts professionals. Our study topics and issues are grouped as shown below:

1. The Netherlands

2. Germany – Berlin

3. The European Union

4. Globalism and Mobility:

5. Cultural Policy:

6. Sustainability:

Sample Syllabus

The program has historically started in the Netherlands, where we collaborate with the Center for Arts and Media Management of the Utrecht School of the Arts. The program includes field trips to a variety of Dutch cities, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Otterlo, depending on availability of sites and speakers. This is followed by exploration of another European city, which has included Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, and Vienna. It was founded as a collaboration between the Visual Arts Administration and Performing Arts Administration MA programs and examines the spectrum of current issues across both fields. We invite you to view photographs from our last program in the Netherlands and Berlin, as well as student testimonials. Further information on the 2012 program is listed below.

Issues and Practices in Arts Administration: the European Context
E90.2215.099 or E67.2215.099 • 6 points

Program Directors:

Prof. Carlo Lamagna, Department of Art and Art Professions, 212-998-9011
Prof. Brann Wry, Department of Music and the Performing Arts, 212-998-5505
Prof. Ad Huijsmans, Senior Lecturer and International Coordinator, Faculty of Art and Economics, Utrecht School of the Arts
Anja Schmalfuss
, MA, Berlin

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