Undergraduate Program

Welcome to the Undergraduate Program in Applied Psychology

The Bachelor of Science Program in Applied Psychology is an interdisciplinary program designed to develop students who can bridge psychological theory, research, and practice in a multicultural world.

A hallmark of our program is the fieldwork sequence which offers students the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained in lectures and readings to research and other real-world experiences. Additionally, our department offers students various opportunities to collaborate with faculty members; students may choose to participate in the Honors Program and conduct an independent research project under the guidance of the faculty mentor or volunteer as research assistants in faculty research teams. We also welcome students to participate in various study abroad programs offered at NYU.

NYU's Applied Psychology major provides excellent preparation for graduate programs in applied psychology, psychology, and psychology-related areas, as well as graduate programs in business and law. Students interested in counseling and guidance, school psychology, ecological and community psychology, human development, social work, and applications of psychology in community-based settings are best served by the Applied Psychology major in Steinhardt.

View and download our PDF Brochure to help decide whether NYU Psychology or NYU Applied Psychology is right for you.