Developmental Psychology

Doctoral Funding

Steinhardt Doctoral Funding Package

All Fall 2016 full-time Ph.D. students admitted to the Department of Applied Psychology are funded for academic years either as Fellows or as Research Assistants. Fellows are funded by the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development and select a primary research mentor upon arrival in the fall of their first year. The funding for Research Assistants is provided by specific faculty grants. Research Assistants are required to work with faculty on the grant throughout the course of the Research Assistantship. These two funding streams are described below.

FELLOWS: The 4-year Fellowships offered by the Department of Applied Psychology are divided into 3 fellowship years and 1 scholarship year:

1. In each of the 3 “fellowship years” Fellows will receive:

a. Full tuition plus fees and health insurance, and

b. A yearly stipend, paid directly to the student 

2. In the “scholarship year” students will receive:

a. A scholarship stipend. These funds are paid directly to the student in two installments payments (one in late August and one in early January) and can be used for tuition support or living expenses.

RESEARCH ASSISTANTS (RA’s): Research Assistants (RA’s) on grant projects will receive:

1. Full tuition plus fees and health insurance, and

2. A yearly stipend payable in 9 monthly payments.

HEALTH CARE BENEFITS: During RA and “fellowship years candidates will be eligible for the university Graduate Assistant Health Insurance plan. In non-fellowship years (i.e., scholarship or unfunded years students will be eligible for the standard student health insurance plan, which can be purchased with the scholarship stipend.


• Although Fellows and RA’s may register for an unlimited number of tuition credits, those who register for more than 12 credits must receive advisor approval;

• Financial support is not available to part-time students;

• Tuition funding can be used in Fall, Spring, & Summer semesters but cannot be awarded for less than the whole year; and

• Fellowship awards cannot be suspended or “banked” for later use.

University and Steinhardt Funding Opportunities
Dept. of Applied Psychology Scholarships and Awards

The department of Applied Psychology provides a number of awards/fellowships/scholarships. Fellowships and scholarships are awarded in the Fall semester, while awards are distrubuted in the Spring semester.

Other Funding Streams

Student Grants, Fellowships or Scholarships: Students may receive their own externally funded grants, fellowships or scholarships (e.g., Ford Diversity Fellowship, APA Minority Fellowship). The stipends from these external funding sources may be used to supplement the funding that the student receives from the school to the extent permitted by the funding agency and the Office of Financial Aid.

Students Guide to Obtaining External Resources

Teaching and Grading: During the term of their fellowship Fellows may supplement their income by teaching as Adjunct Faculty in the department of Applied Psychology. Fellows teaching in the department receive teaching training and support (e.g., teaching mentorship) through the Applied Psychology Undergraduate Program (APUG). Fellows who conduct any other approved work (e.g., readers,class graders) will be paid at an hourly rate to be determined by the Department. Students are not eligible to teach or serve as graders while they are employed as RAs.

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