Applied Psychology OPUS

Submission Outcomes


 The Submission Process

We understand that no submission is perfect. OPUS is committed to working with students as much as possible to ensure that they get the chance to share their best work. 

When we receive your submission, it will be...

1. Scored on a rubric by the members of the Editorial Board for the strength of its

content, its style and structure as a written piece, and its potential for editing.

2. Presented to our faculty mentors and discussed. 

3. From there, you will receive one of the following "possible responses."

4. If you decide to work with the Editorial Board on your submission, its edited 

        version will be approved at a final meeting with our faculty mentors. 

Possible Responses 

 When you submit something to OPUS, here are the possible responses you will receive:

1. Accept with minor revisions - Editing is necessary, but the Editorial Board is willing to work with the author to include this submission in our current issue. 

2. Accept with major revisions - Editing and conceptual framework alterations are needed, but the Editorial Board is willing to work with author to include this submission in our current issue.

3. Revise and resubmit for next issue - Major revisions are necessary, above and beyond conceptual framework alterations. Either a) Editorial Board believes submission will not be ready in time for current issue, or b) author is not willing to work with Editorial Board at this point, but is still interested in publishing. 

4. Not acceptable for publication in current state- Author needs to consider major structural revisions before resubmitting.