Applied Psychology OPUS

Letter from the Editors

Twice a year, OPUS, the Online Publication of Undergraduate Studies, showcases outstanding work of underclassmen in the Applied Psychology program at New York University. The Fall semester is always exciting for new editors, and as the Spring semester arrives, there is an unspoken uneasiness amongst graduating seniors: who will carry on the journal?

An academic journal contains the most novel contributions to a particular field. In order to continue to showcase undergraduate work, it must continue to be undergraduate-led. At OPUS, we strive to encourage and motivate our peers while simultaneously learning from them, creating a circle of novel ideas and inspiration. An intellectual community is built upon a central commitment to furthering knowledge, and we are continuously impressed with the mature commitment to research found within the program and this publication.

And so, as we come to an end of our time as editors, we would like to thank our brilliant and innovative staff writers, contributors, and executive board for their boundless creativity and dedication to this publication. We are confident that you will not only carry on the mission of OPUS, but also raise the bar as you do so. We feel so lucky to have been able to serve you as editors and to work with such talented minds, and we cannot wait to see what you produce in the future!
Congratulations on another job magnificently done!