Applied Psychology OPUS

Letter from the Editor

It has given me great pleasure to serve as Editor-in-Chief of Steinhardt’s first Online Publication of Undergraduate Studies (OPUS). OPUS was created not only to showcase exemplary undergraduate work in psychology but also to provide unique learning opportunities for contributors and staff members alike and foster student collaboration. We are honored to be the recipient of a NYU President’s Service Award for the 2010-2011 year and believe that OPUS will continue to strive towards creating community both within and beyond the Applied Psychology Undergraduate Program. 

OPUS has a knack for bringing certain kinds of students together—passionate, motivated individuals who are creatively bridging disciplines and engaging with ideas of social justice. Continuing this tradition, the current issue features stimulating work including articles on the unique considerations of modern forms of bullying, to literature reviews that consider gender identity development, HIV prevention efforts, and factors which influence children’s mathematics achievement. We hope that readers will find something within these pages that sparks an idea, a question, a dialogue. To truly create positive change, engaging with others’ work in a critical way is the first step towards bringing the ideas written about in OPUS to fruition.

While we founding members of OPUS are graduating this year, we have no doubt that the upcoming co-editors, Alyssa Deitchman and Javanna Obregon, will continue to ensure that OPUS stands for showcasing undergraduate work in psychology, building community, and providing undergraduates with training in a semi-professional editorial process.     

As always, we hope that OPUS may continue to showcase many more of the unique work of undergraduate students and capture the breadth and diversity of their passions. To our readers, we hope that OPUS highlights important issues for consideration and inspires in you a desire to think critically, challenge your assumptions, and bring about change.

Vanessa Victoria Volpe