Applied Psychology OPUS

Letter from the Editor

Thank you for your interest in New York University’s Applied Psychology’s very own semi-
annual publication, OPUS, the Online Publication of Undergraduate Studies. As students
at a large research university in the heart of the most vibrant city in the world, it would be
impossible not to acknowledge the applicability and versatility of our field as it permeates
our world. We know that psychological studies do not just exist in the pages of our
textbook, but can be applied toward our understanding of individuals, cultures and
societies at large.

As students of psychology, we strive to present a diverse array of undergraduate work. To
present such an interesting collection of work would not be possible without the efforts of
our dedicated staff and enthusiastic contributors and the support of our faculty mentors,
Dr. Hughes and Dr. Tamis-Lemonda as well as the department of Applied Psychology at
large. The present issue explores various topics, including deaf culture in the clinical
setting, peer-pressure amongst college students, and the role of mirror neurons in autism
research among others.

As this is the first issue of OPUS under new leadership, we endeavor to maintain the level
of excellence as established by our predecessors. OPUS exists to serve as a platform for
the abundance of passion, talent and creativity that surges throughout the student body
in the department of Applied Psychology. As you embark on reading this issue, we hope
that it inspires you to think critically, ask questions, and to challenge your own knowledge
about the breadth of topics this publication highlights.

Alyssa Deitchman
Javanna Obregon