Department of Applied Psychology

Group Relations Conference


Sexual Identity: Authorization and Leadership in a World of Differences

This conference has been cancelled for 2012 and is no longer accepting applications.

Fees: The conference fee is $400, which includes a $50 registration fee. Discounts are available for NYU full-time students ($100) and employees of non-profit and governmental agencies ($200). Please contact Anthony Freire for for details.

Registration Deadline and Withdrawal policy: Applications will be honored in the order received with consideration given to maximizing diversity. Applications will be accepted until February 10, 2012, after which applications will be accepted on a case- by- case basis. Withdrawals after February 17th will only be refunded if a suitable replacement can be found. Should the conference be oversubscribed, a wait list will be maintained.

Note Regarding Attendance: Individuals who know in advance that they are unable to attend all sessions are discouraged from applying because all events are connected and create a temporary institution. Also, people who may be ill or having a particularly difficult or stressful time should forgo attending. This kind of learning experience is meant for those who are at a point personally, professionally, academically, and/or politically where they are ready to challenge how they are in the world and can be present for others who are doing the same.