NYU Scholarships and Fellowships Fall 2015

The Adrian Levy Scholarship 

The Adrian Levy Scholarship (1985) is a gift from the Levy Family in memory of Adrian Levy, a former Deputy Commissioner of the New York State Office of Vocational Rehabilitation.  Mr. Levy was an alumnus of the New York University Rehabilitation Counseling Program. This scholarship is to be used to help support Master’s Counseling students who have committed to working with individuals with disabilities (e.g., physical, developmental, cognitive). 


  • Amrantha Kalra (CMHW)
  • Ivette Soriano (CMHW)
  • Janelle Hamann (CMHW) 
The Bernard R. Ackerman Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students in the Human Development and Social Intervention (HDSI) and Psychology and Social Intervention (PSI) programs, who display exceptional ability and promise in the areas of research, advocacy, and activism. 


  • Ivonne Monje (HDSI)
  • Pilar Victoria (HDSI)
  • Mackenzie Whipps (PSI)
  • Yeshim Iqbal (PSI)
Felix M. Warburg Memorial Award 

This award is given to students in Applied Psychology who have demonstrated academic excellence and commitment to the Department. 


  • Julius Utama (APUG)
  • Molly Nystrom (APUG)
  • Shanice Hamilton (APUG)
  • Alexandra Jackson (CMHW)
  • Damien DuPont (CMHW)
  • Corianna Sichel (CNPS)
  • Kate Schwartz (PSI)
Gilbert M. Trachtman Fellowship Fund
This award, established in honor of Professor Gil Trachtman, will be awarded to students for their contributions to serving children, parents, and teachers and being agents of change in righting the wrongs and inefficiencies of the systems that impact children and families.  Preference is given to master's students who pursue clinical work. 

  • Brittany Waddell (CNGU)
  • Lauren Wash (CMHW)
  • Nina Moore (CNGU)
Linda & Arthur Carter Family Scholarship

This scholarship is given to graduate students who are conducting empirical research related to child development.  


  • Eleni Manos (HDSI)
  • Kat Adams (DEV)
  • Kelly Escobar (DEV)
  • Jason Rarick (PSI)
The Monroe Stein Memorial Fellowship 

This award is given to a graduate student who can demonstrate a need as well as a commitment to his/her career to bettering the lives of children.  


  • Gregory Ventura (CNGU)
  • Nirit Gordon (CNPS)
The Phillip J. Zlatchin Memorial Award 

This award, established in honor of Professor Zlatchin, a member of the faculty from 1947 to 1959, will be awarded to graduate students for their contributions to improving the life conditions of vulnerable individuals or communities. 


  • Mariam Ayvazyan (CMHW)
  • Thiomarie Matta (CNGU)
  • Chloe Greenbaum (CNPS)
  • Jessica Harding (PSI)
The Raymond A. Weiss Endowment Scholarship 

This award is given to students in Applied Psychology who demonstrate a commitment to innovation through supporting research, education, and intervention projects to solve social problems. 


  • Ashley Stewart (HDSI)
  • Eric Finegood (DEV)
  • Natalia Rojas (PSI)
The Steinhardt Endowed Scholarship and Stipends

This award is given to students in Applied Psychology whose work displays interdisciplinary perspectives to solve applied problems.


  • Elysha Clark Whitney (APUG)
  • Helena Ziqi Wang (APUG)
  • Fiyinfoluwa Adesina (HDSI)
  • Yana Kuchirko (DEV)