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Welcome to NYU America Reads & America Counts, the largest America Reads & America Counts program in the nation.

America Reads, a national campaign that was initiated in 1997, challenges every American to help our children learn to read well and independently. 

Building on the success of the America Reads Challenge, America Counts was initiated in July 1999 as an effort to improve student achievement in mathematic and assist students in mastering challenging mathematics, including the foundations of algebra and geometry, by the end of the 9th grade. 

NYU's America Reads program began in 1997 with the placement of approximately 600 tutors in 43 schools in New York City School Districts 1 and 2. Today NYU America Reads has grown to include mathematics tutoring, expanding the program to NYU America Reads and Counts.

Currently, we place approximately 1000 tutors in 100 schools in New York City School Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7,13 and 23.   These dedicated NYU undergraduate and graduate students provide close to 10,000 hours per week of academic assistance to students in grades Pre-K - 8, at no cost to the participating schools.

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