Over the years we have seen many efforts to try to work proactively toward the future of business education.  In 1985, for example, An Action Agenda for Business Education emerged from one “think tank” activity.  In 2003 a new team was created, one called The Agnew Group (TAG).  This group was sponsored by the Peter L. Agnew Foundation, housed at New York University; Michael Bronner is one of the trustees of the Agnew Foundation.  Michael, along with Burt Kaliski of Southern New Hampshire University, acted as co-founders and hosts of TAG.  Other members of the TAG 1 team were Marcia Anderson (Southern Illinois University), Connie Forde (Mississippi State University), Dennis LaBonty (Utah State University), Judy Lambrecht (University of Minnesota), Peter Meggison (Massasoit Community College, MA), Pauline Newton (Presentation High School, San Jose), Bridget O’Connor (New York University), Sharon Lund O’Neil (University of Houston, Martha Rader (Arizona State University), and Bonnie Sibert (Nebraska State Department of Education).  Robert Mitchell (DPE Executive Director), also served as an ex-officio member.  Membership, affiliations, and contact information of TAG 1 and TAG 2 groups appear on the following pages.


TAG’s primary purpose was clear:  To prepare a series of white papers on what must be done to ensure the survival and promote the growth of business education in the 21st Century.  TAG 1 first met for three days in New York City during the spring of 2003 and has been actively involved in two specific activities.  The first was extensive data collection; enrollment data in business education by state, information about yearbook and related publication contributions and legislative trends, and organizations to which business educators can belong to support the aims of our field.

TAG’s second purpose was to speak to as many of our professional organizations as possible.  As of 2008, we have presented our ideas and plans at a number of state, regional, and international business education conferences, at annual NBEA conventions, and at DPE’s national research conferences.  We continue to involve all business educators and ask for their help in sending us information that may be to be of relevance to our efforts.  If you are aware of interesting programs or initiatives; state legislative efforts or research projects that we should consider; please email this information to either Michael Bronner ( or Burt Kaliski (, and we will forward these data to the new TAG 2 group accordingly.

In 2008—after five years of activity, which included numerous presentations to state, regional, national, and international gatherings and the development of two major publications—Business Education 2020 and the Fall, 2007 special issue of the Delta Pi Epsilon Journal—it was decided to pass the torch to a new think tank group, TAG 2.   TAG 2 members and their affiliations and contacts appear under The Agnew Group Contacts section of this site.

TAG 2 will establish their own agenda at the 2008 DPE conference in Chicago; however, members of the original TAG 1 group will serve as mentors and advisors for one year, until the national DPE conference meeting in San Francisco in 2009.