Study Abroad

The Higher and Postsecondary Education Program provides a robust study abroad component for students in the M.A., Ed.D., and Ph.D. tracks. Students are accompanied by program faculty for short-term, in-depth learning experiences during Winter Intersession, Spring Break, and Summer Term, during which time they engage in study and exploration of a country’s higher education system in the context of local economic, political, and social realities. Students may earn between 3-6 credits for these courses. Additional information about cost, availability, and application can be found on the Steinhardt Global Programs site.

International Opportunities

Our program offers enriching global opportunities to our students.

India: Part-Time Student Nick Heller (M.A. '14)

As a part time student in the HESA program I knew I wanted to study abroad from the first time it was mentioned by my adviser and was specifically interested in India because of its rich and diverse culture, and heritage.  During the two weeks in India, our class visited a variety of public and private institutions.  I grew tremendously through interacting with students and experiencing their hospitality and passion for learning. Some of the cultural highlights included exploring Mumbai and Kerala in rickshaws, and spending an evening watching a kite festival from a beach side rooftop.  This has truly been a perspective changing learning experience. Nicholas Heller 

South Africa: Full-Time Student Amber Lodman (M.A. '14)  

The South Africa study abroad program was distinct because of the hearty contextual experience it provides. Yes, South Africa is a beautiful country and its story frames a powerful narrative. You will visit schools, meet people, become acquainted with a culture and gain knowledge of a young democracy. Consider what you will bring there and what you may carry back. l met people and captured moments that influenced who I want to be to the world. That was compelling. Do consider cost, but greatly consider investing in an experience, one which I am carrying throughout life. Amber Lodman 

Turkey: Full-Time Student Jennifer Low (M.A. '14)

Visiting Turkey was my first time traveling abroad and I am glad I was able to share this experience with members of the Steinhardt community.  The visits to different universities were an amazing opportunity to speak with Turkish students, administrators, and faculty about their personal experiences in higher education.  In addition to these visits, we also explored Turkey by visiting mosques, trying Turkish cuisine, and touring the Hagia Sophia.  The experience allowed me to develop an understanding of the Turkish culture and higher education system, which has enhanced my multicultural knowledge and overall ability to support students in my career.

Jen Low