Programs in Higher and Postsecondary Education

Department of Administration, Leadership and Technology

Higher Education and Student Affairs, M.A

The NYU master's program in Higher Education and Student Affairs prepares students for careers in higher education. The curriculum encompasses broad themes in the history and development of higher education both in the U.S. and abroad, and includes the study of colleges as institutions; student learning and development; the profession of student affairs; research and assessment methods; access to higher education and diversity, and the theory and practice of leadership.

Our program selects students who have performed very well academically in their undergraduate years. We seek applicants who have demonstrated a commitment to higher education, student affairs, community engagement, or public policy.

Our program allows for full-time or part-time study. M.A. students in both program tracks are active members of the University community. Students are involved in the Association of Student Affairs Professionals (ASAP), the NYU Journal of Student Affairs, and other NYU student organizations.

Full-Time Study

All full-time students are required to have paid internships of 20 hours a week while they pursue the two-year curriculum (36 credits). The internships provide a stipend and modest tuition support as well as extremely valuable practical experience and socialization into the profession. Students also take three courses each semester (courses are available during winter and summer breaks as well) and complete a Capstone Project summarizing their professional and academic development during their second year.

Part-Time Study

Part-time students must have a full time position in higher education to enroll in the master's program. A typical course load is one to two course per semester until the student reaches the required 36 credits. Courses are also available during winter and summer breaks. The pace of the part-time experience is individualized to the student, but most complete the program in approximately three years. Part-time students also complete a Capstone Project summarizing their professional and academic development prior to graduation.

Special Note on Admissions

Applicants with some prior work experience are preferred for the master's program in Higher Education and Student Affairs.