Higher Education


Program Faculty

Research interests for Higher Education faculty center around educational policy, governance, system performance, the impact of globalization, adult learning, access and equity, racial inequality and college students. The following is a brief overview of each faculty member's background, areas of interest, and class listings. For more details regarding individual faculty members, please click on their name.

Stella Flores
 Stella Flores     Associate Professor of Higher Education; Director of Access and Equity, Steinhardt Institute for Higher Education Policy
Phone:: 212-998-5520
Email: stella.flores@nyu.edu
Interests: Public policy related to college access and completion, affirmative action, immigrant experience in higher education
Michael Sean Funk
 Michael Sean Funk     Clinical Assistant Professor of Higher Education; Program Coordinator, Masters in Higher Education & Student Affairs
Phone: 212-998-5418
Email: mike.funk@nyu.edu
Interests: Access to higher education, diversity, race, social justice
Toni Gifford
 Toni Gifford     Visiting Assistant Professor of Higher Education
Phone: 212-998-5187
Email: agg204@nyu.edu
Interests: Leadership, Organizational Behavior
Martha J. Kanter
 Martha J. Kanter     Distinguished Visiting Professor of Higher Education and Senior Fellow
Phone: 212-998 5640
Email: Martha.Kanter@nyu.edu
Interests: The Confluence of Access, Equity, and Excellence; The Intersection of Policy and Politics in American Higher Education; and Community Colleges
Ann Marcus
 Ann Marcus     Professor and Director of The Steinhardt Institute of Higher Education Policy
Phone: 212-998-5005
Email: alm1@nyu.edu
Interests: Leadership Studies, Organizational Culture, Policy Focused on Issues of Access and Quality
Matthew Mayhew
 Matt Mayhew     Associate Professor of Higher Education
Phone: 212-998-5068
Email: matt.mayhew@nyu.edu
Interests: Moral Development of College Students, the Impact of College on Student, High-Risk Drinking Interventions, Student Spirituality
Teboho Moja
 Teboho Moja     Clinical Professor of Higher Education
Email: teboho.moja@nyu.edu
Interests: Higher Education Policy Research, Globalization and Higher Education Refom, Comparative Higher Education, African Higher Education
Bridget O'Connor
 Bridget O'Connor     Professor of Higher Education and Business Education
Phone: 212-998-5488
Email: bridget.oconnor@nyu.edu
Interests: Corporate/University Partnerships, Transfer of Learning, Action Research
Frances Stage
 Frances Stage     Professor of Higher Education
Phone: 212-998-5520
Email: fks1@nyu.edu
Interests: Student Preparation and Access to College, College Student Learning, Participation in Mathematics and Science Careers
Gregory Wolniak
 Gregory Wolniak     Clinical Associate Professor of Higher Education and Director, Center for Research on Higher Education Outcomes
Phone: 212-998-5067
Email: gwolniak@nyu.edu
Interests: Post-Secondary Access, College Choice, Resilience, STEM, Career and Socioeconomic Outcomes of College

Affiliated Faculty

Robert Cohen
 Robert Cohen     Professor of History and Social Studies Education
Email: rpc6@nyu.edu
Joan Malczewski
 Joan Malczewski     Assistant Professor of History and Social Studies
Email: jm186@nyu.edu
Richard Richardson
 Richard Richardson     Professor of Higher Education Emeritus
Email: richard.richardson@nyu.edu
Catharine Stimpson
 Catharine Stimpson     University Professor and Dean Emerita, Graduate School of Arts and Science
Email: catharine.stimpson@nyu.edu
Harold Wechsler
 Catharine Stimpson     Professor of Jewish Education and Educational History
Email: hw29@nyu.edu

Adjunct Faculty

Loni M. Bordoloi
 Loni M. Bordoloi     Program Director, The Teagle Foundation
Phone: 212-373-1974
Email: bordoloi@teaglefoundation.org
Erich Dietrich
 Erich Dietrich     Associate Dean for Academic and Global Programs, NYU Steinhardt; Assistant Vice President of Global Programs, NYU
Phone: 212-998-5263
Email: erich.dietrich@nyu.edu
Thomas Ellett
 Thomas Ellet     Sr. Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, NYU
Phone: 212-998-4074
Email: tom.ellet@nyu.edu
Paula Steisel Goldfarb
 Paula Steisel Goldfarb     Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, Admissions and Graduate Financial Aid, NYU Stern School of Business
Phone: 212-998-0577
Email: psteisel@stern.nyu.edu
Steven Hubbard
 Steven Hubbard     Director of Student Affairs and Ombudsperson NYU School of Medicine
Phone: 212-263-3804
Email: shubbard@nyu.edu
Sara Klein
 Sara Klein     Dean of Campus Life and Engagement & Title IX Coordinator, Wagner College
Phone: 718-390-3423
Email: sara.klein@wagner.edu
Terrance Nolan
 Terrance Nolan     Deputy General Counsel, NYU
Phone: 212-998-2257
Email: terrance.nolan@nyu.edu
Kerri A. Smith
 Kerri Smith     Assistant Director, Faculty Programs in the Office of Residential Life & Housing Services, NYU
Phone: 212-998-4065
Email: kerri.smith@nyu.edu
Samantha Shapses Wertheim
 Kerri Smith     Associate Dean of Students, Columbia University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Phone: 212-854-8428
Email: ss4874@columbia.edu