Business and Workplace Education FAQ

Does the M.A. prepare me to teach high school?

No, the focus of this program is on adult and workplace education. It is not a high school teacher certification program.

What do graduates do upon graduation?

Many of our students are already working in corporate education divisions and are pursuing their MA in this field in order to advance their skills. Others are working in the business sector and secure new positions upon graduation in their or a new firm’s corporate education division. Still other graduates have used the program to make career transitions to either corporate education or academia, where (depending on their background) they have found teaching positions at 2- or 4-year colleges. Many of our graduates who also have MBAs or who are Certified Public Accountants or are Certified Financial Planners now teach at both non-profit and for-profit higher education institutions.

Can I complete the program in one year?

The curriculum requires 36 credits for graduation. If you take 12 credits a semester, including a summer session, it is possible but difficult to graduate in one year because of course offerings and sequencing.

I don't have an undergraduate degree in business administration or a business education background. Can I still qualify for admission?

Yes, assuming you have relevant work experience in organizational learning and development.

Where, specifically, do part-time students or graduates work? What are sample titles?

Graduates who specialize in learning and development often have titles such as Senior Learning Specialist; Corporate Sales Trainer; Manager of IT Training and Knowledge Management; Director, Program Design; Curriculum Developer; Workplace Learning Consultant; Organizational Development and Productivity Specialist and work in corporate locations in the metropolitan area (and beyond) in organizations including American Express, Tiffany’s, FactSet, Pfizer, The Segal Company, and Morgan Stanley. Graduates who specialize in higher and postsecondary education have titles such as Community College Instructor (accounting, finance, marketing, management) and work in higher education institutions including Bronx Community College, Borough of Manhattan Community College, Hofstra University, and Berkeley College.

How large is the program? What is the average age of students?

There are about 30 students in the program at any given time. Some study full time and many others study part time while continuing to work. Most are in their late 20’s and early 30’s. Full-time students tend to be younger, but there are several students in their 40’s, 50’s and even 60’s. The age range contributes positively to classroom dynamics and discussions.

Who would be my advisor?

Professor Bridget O’Connor serves as advisor to all the students in the Business and Workplace Education programs.

What opportunities for networking exist?

The Steinhardt Graduate Student Organization (GSO) serves as the governance arm for graduate students at NYU Steinhardt. The GSO also organizes professional development and networking opportunities for students throughout the New York Metropolitan area. Professor O’Connor serves as advisor to the Special Interest Group, Higher Education, of the local chapter of the Association for Talent Development (ATD). Students are encouraged to join! We also co-host the Inter-University Adult Learning Colloquium Series, where prominent guest speakers in the field are featured and students and faculty from New York University and Columbia University gather to learn with and from each other. Many graduates find jobs through these networking experiences. Take a look at our newsletter for more information.

Are scholarships available?

A small number of program awards are available, download a scholarship application [pdf]. Also, please check with Financial Aid. We have terrific financial aid officers and they will do their best to help you make an NYU degree possible.