Advanced Certificate in Workplace Education - Post Baccalaureate

Certificate in Workplace Education

The support of learning is a critical function in any organization. As a learning professional, you support your organization by understanding the needs of your particular industry as well as the adult learners who are your clients. You are a team player, coach, mentor, course and curriculum developer, and administrator. You are aware of the need to understand the role of technologies in instruction and administration as well as trends in your communities, your organizations, and in society at large that affect your workplace.

And while many of you have very responsible positions, only a small percentage of corporate learning professionals have had formal education in adult learning and designing and managing organizational training programs. However, you may have years of work experience and degrees in other areas. This program is targeted at you. We believe that by bringing together individuals who already hold a bachelor's degree and have at least one year work experience in the field, there will be an opportunity for high level investigation and discussion of research and workplace learning practices that impact our profession.

The purpose of this program is to provide meaningful learning opportunities for training professionals to study in an integrated curriculum that has immediate applicability to their professional responsibilities.

At the conclusion of the program, graduates should be able to:

  • Apply innovative, empirically sound techniques to assess workplace learning needs
  • Design and implement workplace learning interventions, both live and mediated
  • Analyze, synthesize, and evaluate workplace learning interventions
  • Discuss and apply theoretical foundations of adult learning to effective workplace learning interventions
  • Identify and evaluate current literature and practices in workplace learning


This certificate program provides a post baccalaureate route consisting of 18 credits that focus solely on the competencies listed in the M.A. Curriculum. It is appropriate for those who are currently in workplace learning leadership roles and wish to enhance their knowledge base of the field and hone their skills.

Specialization (Required courses; 18 points)
HPSE-GE 2088* Research Approaches and Techniques in Postsecondary Education
HPSE-GE 2010* Informal Learning in the Workplace
HPSE-GE 2122 Classroom Learning in the Workplace and Higher Education
HPSE-GE 2035 Business Education at the College Level
HPSE-GE 2046 Curriculum Development in Organizations and Postsecondary Education
HPSE-GE 2020 Colloquium in Workplace Education
HPSE-GE 2081 Designing & Managing Organizational Learning Programs
HPSE-GE 2086 Evaluation of Learning in Postsecondary Education
HPSE-GE xxxx

(by advisement)

HPSE-GE 2004 Readings in Business and Workplace Education
HPSE-GE 2103 International Business Education


Use the program code BEWL to apply.

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