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Business and Workplace Education

As of Spring 2012, we’ve changed our program name from Business Education to Business and Workplace Education to better reflect the diversity and richness of our MA and certificate programs and the locations where our graduates work.

Our master's program focuses on the study of effective adult learning and development support strategies for teaching and learning business concepts and skills in public and private organizations and postsecondary education institutions. Our graduates usually come with solid business content and are able to specialize further and learn theoretical concepts related to adult learning, workplace learning, lifelong learning, instructional design and delivery, curriculum development, and research, preparing them for important educational roles. Job titles of alumni and current students include:

Business Education at New York University: The Next Generation
This book, co-written by NYU Professor Emeritus Michael Bronner and University of Southern New Hampshire Professor Emeritus Burt Kaliski, follows the 1981 publication Early Leaders in Business Education. The earlier book documents the work and impact of our program's founders, Drs. Paul S. Lomax, Peter L. Agnew, Herbert A. Tonne, and Helen Reynolds. This next edition is designed to document the rich history the Business Education Program has had since that era. At this point, the first two chapters, detailing the contributions of Drs. Karen Gillespie and Padmakar S. Sapre, are complete and available for download here. If you are an alum of the program and have comments regarding them, please email Professor Emeritus Michael Bronner. 

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Advanced Certificates

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Workplace Learning

Post-Master's Certificate in Business and Workplace Education