PhD and EdD in Educational Leadership

Prepare for Leadership Positions in Research, Education, and Policy 

Examine the conceptual, organizational, political, social, managerial, interpersonal, and technical dimensions of schools and other educational institutions. Our PhD program prepares you for a career as a professor or researcher, while our EdD program prepares you for senior educational leadership and policy positions. Both programs include administrative core and research classes that emphasize critical analysis of contemporary problems of practice in collaborative study environments with professors, school leaders, and doctoral students.

What you'll learn

Research agendas of the faculty and students center on the nexus between theory and practice and explore critical issues facing educational leaders and policymakers today. Coursework emphasizes critical analysis of contemporary problems of practice in collaborative study environments with professors, school administrators, and colleague doctoral students.

See the curriculum and requirements for the EdD and PhD programs. 

How to apply

The Educational Leadership PhD and EdD programs have adopted an alternate year admissions process where candidates will be admitted every other year on the following timeline:

  • Entrance in Fall 2017 – no cohort
  • Entrance in Fall 2018 application deadline: December 1, 2017

Prospective applicants should apply beginning September 2017 for Fall 2018 matriculation.

The Admissions Committee use three criteria in assessing application materials, each of which has multiple measures: evidence of academic talent; suitability of the professional portfolio; and fit with the purposes and capabilities of our program and faculty.

Evidence that the applicant meet these criteria includes, but is not limited to:

  • Completed admission application
  • Official transcripts for a MA/MS in education or a related field demonstrating solid academic performance
  • Official scores from the Graduate Record Examination
  • Resume that specifies professional experiences and service
  • Personal essay

See detailed instructions on how to apply, including deadlines and application requirements, on the Graduate Admissions Applicatoin Guides for the PhD program and the EdD program

For more information about the PhD and EdD program, please contact

Noel Anderson
Program Director