Educational Leadership


MA in Educational Leadership: School Building Leader and School District Leader CAS

Students usually complete the required internship near the end of their programs of study.  Full-time students have full-time internships of approximately 30 hours per week during the final semester of their programs; part-time students have part-time internships for approximately 15 hour during the final two semesters of their programs. Specific hours are arranged on site with the field supervisor, taking into account the student’s academic responsibilities.

Interns in the School Building Leader program are assigned to elementary, middle, or high schools in all five boroughs that match their experience and teacher preparation. The principals of New York City’s schools have been extraordinarily generous in working with our students. Participating schools include Facing History School, New Design High School, the School for Legal Studies, M.S. 131 Dr. Sun Yat Sen School, and P.S. 6 Lillie D. Blake Elementary School, as well in the NYC Department of Education Networks and Central Administration. Students who work full time in schools may complete the internship where they work.

For more information about hosting NYU students, contact Noel Anderson.

MA in Educational Leadership, Politics, and Advocacy

Students in this program have interned in a variety of not-for-profit organizations that work with children/youth, their families, and the schools, e.g., Hunts Point Alliance, The After School Corporation (TASC), Participatory Action Research Center for Education Organizing (PARCEO), and other agencies focused on equity, social justice, youth development, advocacy, governmental, and educational organizations.

On completing 12 credit hours in the program, fill in the ELPA Internship Placement Form. For more information about hosting NYU students, contact Noel Anderson

Information for Students

Ongoing leadership experiences provide our master's and CAS candidates with opportunities to integrate the knowledge acquired through study and previous leadership and professional experience with guided practice supported by practitioner partners and faculty.

Full-time candidates are paired with school leaders in our partnership district and schools. Our partners are certified educational leaders in New York City regions and schools with widely diverse students and communities and the opportunities and challenges characteristic of urban settings.

Part-time candidates are full-time teachers in New York City schools or in surrounding metropolitan areas. Our full-time and part-time candidates have numerous and continuous opportunities for leadership experiences in a variety of school and community contexts with students who have an extensive array of talents, needs, school experiences, and individual circumstances.

The ongoing and the culminating leadership experiences are planned collaboratively by program faculty, partners, and candidates to ensure guided study and practice in areas relevant to the content requirements, purposes, and values of the program.

The ongoing leadership experiences are incorporated into course requirements and are included in the required leadership portfolio in which the written reflections and products accumulated throughout the program are brought together and reviewed during the course of the internship experience. Candidates are responsible for assembling case materials to document their experiences and their analyses. Certified educational leaders and program faculty provide supervision, support, and mentoring for candidates.

Activities include experiences designed to foster leadership for school improvement, leadership in support of teaching and learning, leadership in support of collaboration and community engagements, and enacting a leadership career.

The culminating leadership experience is also planned collaboratively by program faculty, partners, and candidates. The candidate’s program of study, prior professional and leadership opportunities, and leadership portfolio are reviewed to plan a comprehensive, individualized, culminating leadership experience. A plan is developed that is relevant to the candidate’s knowledge and expertise in the areas of practice and study reflected in the content requirements for educational leadership programs and for certification as a school building leader.

Full-time candidates complete a semester-long (15-week) full-time internship with program partners. Part-time candidates complete a part-time internship throughout their final academic year (approximately 30 weeks) with the administrators of the schools in which they teach. In both cases, individual candidates will work directly with a certified school leader and a program faculty member, assuming increasingly complex leadership responsibilities that are organized according to content requirements and program purposes.

Information for Host Organizations

The Educational Leadership Program offers two master’s degrees and one Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) in addition to the EdD and the PhD.

  • The Educational Leadership: School Building Leader MA program is designed for educators who are interested in working as school leaders (e.g., assistant principals, principals, network leaders, coordinators). The state-approved program fulfills the academic requirements for the New York School Building Leader license.
  • The Educational Leadership, Politics, and Advocacy MA program is designed for individuals who are interested in working with (1) communities and children/youth and their families, to support equity and access to educational opportunities and (2) schools to facilitate meaningful school-community relationships.
  • The CAS program is designed for educators who are interested in working in schools in district-level leadership positions (e.g., Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent) and fulfills the academic requirements for the New York School District Leader license.