The faculty in the Educational Leadership program are actively engaged in research that draws on scholarship from across the disciplines to understand the significant issues animating the practice of education. Our faculty use a variety of quantitative and qualitative research methods in the design and realization of scholarly projects that connect with the field in local and national settings and that are disseminated widely in the field. For current projects and a listing of recent publications, please go the profile of the faculty listed below:

Gary Anderson
 Gary Anderson     Professor of Educational Leadership
Phone: 212-998-5520
Email: gary.anderson@nyu.edu
Interests: Critical Policy Studies; Educational Leadership and School Reform; Critical Discourse Analysis; Participatory Action Research
Noel S. Anderson
 Noel Anderson     Clinical Professor of Educational Leadership
Phone: 212-998-5176
Email: nsa204@nyu.edu
Interests: Tri-sector leadership in education; College access and workforce; Equity and education
Terry A. Astuto
 Terry A. Astuto     Professor of Educational Leadership
Phone:: 212-998-5179
Email: terry.astuto@nyu.edu
Interests: Organizational theory; Alternative ways of thinking about school organizations; Education of children in low wealth communities
Edward Fergus
 Edward Fergus     Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy
Phone: 212-998-5253
Email: edward.fergus@nyu.edu
Interests: School effects and social stratification research; Disproportionality in special education, suspension and gifted programs; Racial and ethnic identity development in schools; Data usage in educational practice
Colleen Larson
 Edward Fergus     Associate Professor of Educational Leadership, Department Chair
Phone: 212 998-5512
Email: colleen.larson@nyu.edu
Interests: Methodologies of interpretive inquiry; Philosophy of social science; Sociopolitical theories of equity underpinning social and institutional reform in industrialized and developing nations