SkillSwap: Game Prototyping in Flash 101

Ralph Vacca, Senior Interactive Designer & Developer
Friday, June 22, 2012 from 12 - 3:30pm
Pless Hall, 6th Floor

Do you have a super simple idea for a basic learning game? Have you created some wireframes or drawings on napkin but would love to put it together? Join this SkillSwap and you will get some of the basics on how to get started building a prototype in Flash ActionScript 3.

In this workshop we will work as a group to start coding a simple prototype for math game. While by the end of the workshop, you will (unfortunately) not be an expert coder by any means, you will hopefully better understand the basics that you can continue to build on, as well as the confidence to code.

Come with questions, and a desire to have fun!

*Note: participants should bring computers as we will be doing live coding during the class. You do not have to have Adobe Flash installed, but you will need to have access to the NYU Virtual Lab to access the software.

We'll learn the following:

  • How to setup your core classes (model-view-controller framework)
  • How to setup an interface and standardized naming conventions
  • Working with external XML documents
  • Using if/else statements and loops
  • Reading code and following programming logic
  • Debugging techniques
  • Approaches for continued learning whether its AS3, JS, or other coding


Ralph Vacca has over ten years of experience designing and developing digital learning products. He is co-founder of Kognito Interactive and in the past has designed products for clients ranging from FujiFilm, NYC Department of Education, and NYPD. Ralph is currently a doctoral student at the NYU Educational Communications and Technology program.

If you have questions, email: