Educational Communication and Technology

Master of Arts in Digital Media Design for Learning

Master of Science in Games for Learning

Advanced Certificate in Digital Media Design For Learning

Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Communication and Technology

We prepare professionals for leadership roles in the design and production, evaluation and use of educational materials and environments for various technologies: computer-based multimedia, network telecommunications, and television.

The ECT Program is concerned with this work as it applies to many content areas, types of learners, and settings in which media and technology are used for educational purposes. These include educational institutions at all levels; cultural centers; corporate organizations and training centers; health and social service institutions; government and public service agencies; publishing companies; broadcast institutions; independent educational media design and production companies; educational technology and research organizations; distance learning, teleconferencing, and on-line service organizations; and so on. In such settings, graduates of our programs assume positions as educational media specialists and producers, instructional writers and designers, instructional media researchers and evaluators, or as administrative leaders and faculty members in educational technology.

As its central framework, the Program focuses on cognitive science and constructivist views of learning and instruction, and their implications for the design and use of educational media and technologies. Current and potential developments in educational technology are situated in historical context, both of the field itself and of wider educational and social trends, movements and reforms. Other theoretical perspectives are drawn from the fields of human symbolization, human development, communication, aesthetics, and curriculum.

Related interests of the Program include the social dimension of technology-based learning experiences and environments; the roles and values of alternative forms of educational experience; the special value and function for learning of particular technologies, symbol systems, and forms of interactivity; and the multiple levels of meaning in the content, form and use of media and technologies used for educational purposes.

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