History of Masters of Arts Thesis Projects

 Recent Masters Thesis Projects

2014 Turker, Aybuke Gul Science in Serious Play Tablet Game
2014 Burks, Ashley Social Campaigns for Social Change Youth Program
2014 Hwang, EuiJin Silver Garden Online Community
2014 Kim, Stella Dori Web Application
2014 Bravo, Marcelo Esteban Espinoza Match My Face! Application
2014 Yan, Yi Train Up Your Mind Web Game
2014 Kinnard, Madison FOREST Web Game
2014 Su, Corwyn Go Quest Mobile App
2014 Niraula, Anugya GUNA Multiplication Game
2014 Ramsay, J. Shepard ONEIROS Card Game
2014 Yang, Tianyu Chinese Traveler Website
2014 Gatto, Laura Learning Ninjas Network Web Platform
2014 Gurel, Sharon WEClip Web Application
2014 Sakornwimon, Nawamas Cooking Mate iOS App
2013 Almanza-Guillen, Rocio KnittEd Web Application
2013 Fu, Yiyao "Kinect" family play for school readiness Kinect Game
2013 Sridhar, Anisha CounterStrike Print/Online Application
2013 Olsen, Alvaro MindUI Web-based Toolkit
2013 Davis, Keren ResilientMe! An Interactive Narrative Web Application
2013 Grigoletto, Keith Milk Allergy Match iPad Game
2013 Jimenez, Remberto Understanding MOOCs: A Literature Review Research Paper
2013 Kinsey, Greg Scott In Real Life Vocabulary Application Web Application
2013 SanMiguel, Jenn Valise: A Digital Portfolio Learning Environment Tablet Application
2013 Santiago, Jorge Improving Literacy Outcomes for Indigenous Australians Research Paper
2013 Wernick, Chava ACTIVaide Interactive Application
2012 Gnas, Thomas Elemental Instincts Web Application
2012 Reswick, Lisa Worrying: A Mobile App to Help Young People Cope With Anxiety iPhone App
2012 Rubayat, Alzaber Sprout: Empowering Underprivileged Students in Bangladesh Tablet App
2012 Britez, Alex Emma Jean: Imagine What You Could Be Transmedia Project
2012 Su, Chen-Jung Your City, Your Library App
2012 Vijayakumar, Gauthami Incite Web Application
2012 Cappell, Jacob Pondulation Simulation
2012 Ash, Jennifer Ghosts Game
2012 Keles, Merve Solve4Me Interactive Environment
2012 Shuang, Nina Wang If I Were iPad App
2011 Keitges, Mark Ill-Structured Designs for Dialogic Learning: Productive Ambiguity in Learning Sciences Research Research Paper
2011 Bayonet, Desiree From Block to Block: Exploring Ethnic Identity Through the Use of Sound Website
2011 Gurtu, Karishma One Roof: Facing Unemployment Together Website
2011 Hott, Katya Gamestar ELL: An Adaptation of a Digital Game Creation Platform for English Language Learners Game for Learning
2011 Mouzakitis, Patricia HIVAW: An Online Learning Environment for Abused Women and HIV Prevention Website
2011 Todorova-Lilavois, Dima Tastylicious Adventures: A Digital Game to Promote Healthy Eating for First Graders Game for Learning
2011 Yu, Katharine My Life: A Financial Literacy Game Game for Learning
2011 Bromley, Meagan "Kinecting" Family Play to Learning: An Examiniation of Collaborative Physical Gaming and Its Potential for Social and Cognitive Development Paper
2011 Favaro, Sharon Cloud Library - A Virtual Personal Collaborative Workspace Web
2011 Galbreath, Lauri Metry Mouse Missions: An Interactive Geometry Game of Daredevil Proportions Web
2011 Karim, Emad iSurvive: An Online Emergency Reporting Application Web
2011 Lau, Janet Curiously Green: Web-Based Learning Activities About Gardens and Nutrition for NYC Second Graders Web
2011 Miran, Deborah "Hall Wars!": A Digital Game Fostering Empathy Toward Victims of Cyberbullying Multimedia
2011 Namiki, Yusuke Hoop Jam: Basketball Simulator for Students with Multiple/Severe Disabilities Simulation
2011 Nauman, Erik Engaging Girls in STEM with Robotics Paper
2011 Papadopoulou, Antigoni Stone-Age Museum: An Open-Air Living History Simulation Museum Exhibition
2011 Ronan, Elliot Through the Looking Glass iPad App
2011 Tsai, Wan Ling Curiously Green: Web-Based Learning Activities About Gardens and Nutrition for NYC Second Graders Web
2010 Abiodun, Olaolu LNGTB The YuTube for English Language Acquisition Multimedia
2010 DiFranco, Melissa Calculating and Constructing in Racer: Utilizing a Game Platform to Practice Early Math Concepts Board Game
2010 Kerr, David Actually Learn | Guitar Web
2010 Lucey, Aiden The Film School Curriculum & Film
2010 McGregor, Susan Aesthetic Perspectives iPhone App
2010 Michetti, Adrienne Bridge to Success Web
2010 Wall, Stephen Video-based Edutainment for the NYU Uncontrolled Organ Donation After Cardiac Death Program: A Randomized Controlled Trial Video & Research
2010 Aning, Kwaku Professional Development and Conflict Resolution Multimedia
2010 Glenn, Carl “Prove It!” A Game-Simulation of Historic Experimental Science Educational Game
2010 Khairassame, Santi Moving Stories: Providing Youth With Filmmaking Experiences and Identity Exploration Through a Mobile Media Lab Mobile Learning Environment
2010 Lazo, Robert Idea Sketch Lab: Basic Electronics for Middle School Students Multimedia
2010 Li, Lipeng Human-Computer Interaction Lab Computer-based Learning Environment
2010 Philavanh, Poukhan The Teens They Are A-changin’: Examining Social Media's Affordances Through the Perceptions of Teenagers and Teachers Research Study
2009 Fefferman, Julie Del Mundo: Connecting Model UN Students in Israel and NYC Multimedia
2009 Hopper, Allison SPIRALZOOM Multimedia
2009 Liu, Han-yu Me and NYC Multimedia
2009 Valia, Matthew Educational Screencasting Multimedia
2009 Zjawinski, Dorene Balance of Power: A Civics Education Game Game
2009 Jimenez, Remberto How Social Constructivism Informs the Design of Wiki Platforms for Knowledge Construction in the Classroom Literature Review
2009 Crowley, Jean Balance of Power: A Civics Education Game Game
2009 Ciporen, Laura The Train Accident: An Ideal Gas Laws Adventure Game Game
2009 Williams, Lisa My Pace Learning: Customizable Multimedia Learning Module Multimedia
2009 Templeton-Kluit, Nadaleen Finding Articles Using Library Interfaces: Towards a User-Centered Approach to Design Web
2009 Rossini, Thomas Virtual Interactive Videos for Immersion and Discovery Web
2008 Gu, Xiaoyan (Iris) SpeakToMe: Build Your Vocabulary on the Web Web
2008 Huang, Chioaling PCEL for Chinese Immigrants Multimedia/Web
2008 Lee, Jong Eun Danny's Magic Box Video/Web
2008 Huang, Yuh-Ling Digital Puppets & Online Videos Designed for ESL Learners in Taiwan Multimedia
2008 Lo, Weiju Introduction to Trigonometry: Interactive Self Study Learning Environment Multimedia
2008 Nick, Michael S caffolding Representational Connections Research Study
2008 Thomas, Sarah Digital Photography for Young Learners Multimedia
2008 Budziszewski, Erika Kids Konnect: Cross-Culture Web
2008 Huang, Chiaoling Speak To Me - Build Your Vocabulary On the Web Multimedia
2008 Conway, Annie A New Model for Museum Learning Web and Handheld
2008 Nasso, Vincent Segmentation 101 Multimedia/Web
2008 Kim, Jihee Interactive Driving Course in Multi-media-Based Learning Environment Multimedia
2008 Kim, Soomi An Exploration of Immersive Environments as a Learning Tool Literature Review
2007 Cabral, Selena Seniorita Cabral: Using Technology to Support Spanish Lang Acquisition for Middle Schoolers Web
2007 Colt Obermeir, Mary NYU HR Systems: PASS Interactive Learning Website Web
2007 Chiu, Sha Hui “Reading Exercise Book: Scanning & Skimming Skill Building Website Web
2007 Moore, Kristopher Practicing Peace (Act III) Video
2007 Pearson, Rebecca The Impact of Heutagogical Principles on Instructional Design Strategies for Adult Undergraduate Learners in E-learning Environments Paper
2007 Teng, Ya Yun Little Red Riding Hood: The Chinese Opera Online Learning Environment Multimedia/Web
2007 Ferrer, Ray Towards a Language for Video Games: Understanding Games, Game Cultures, and Games Facilitative Powers Paper
2007 Freyre, Gabriela World Brooklyn: A Web Environment for Teaching Multicultural Studies Web
2007 Kuo, Yen-Yu Taiwanese Aboriginal Culture Website: Boar Elementary School Web
2007 Richardson, Michal Bat Kol: When Girls Turn Back Time Web
2007 Lesser, Marc CineTouch: Immersive Video Environ-ment for Interactive Touchscreen DVD
2006 Chen, Chia-Yi Multimedia Chinese Reading Classroom Website
2006 Toler, Todd Molecules and Minds: Verbal Protocols Cognitive Load Assessment Research Study
2006 Virgopia, Jenny A Community of Learners Video
2006 Gurowitz, Amy MS Softserve: An Anxiety-Free Learning Environment Website
2006 Oh, So-Young Eating Existence: An Instructional Website About Eating Issues Website
2006 Ghebreyal, Dalia A Day in the Life of an Adverse Event Multimedia
2006 Todd, Katherine Integrating Books into Preservice Teacher Education Web
2006 Yankelev, Yael If You Build It, They Will Come: Technology Enhanced Learning Environments As a Catalyst for Change in Hi Educ Institutions Research Study
2006 Baldwin, Howard Off the Hook Video
2005 Kapsalis, George The Prevention of Obesity in Children Multimedia
2005 Makovsky, Ellen Adult Education and Museums: A Curriculum Guide Designed for The Jewish Museum Literature Review
2005 Ramirez, Maria To Dare, To Dream: A Biography of Paul Cezanne Video
2005 Rattner, Marlen Building a Constructivist Blackboard Website
2005 Bouiss, Elizabeth Speak Your Mind Video
2005 Chung, Peter Real Estate Education Through Case-Based Learning Weblog
2005 Goldstein, Marion A Study of Achievement Motivation Among Immigrant Latino High School Students Research Study
2005 Incampo, Rose Write On! Multimedia
2005 Effros Schaul, Lynn Parenting Video
2005 Forte, Amanda The Community Umbrella Project: Uniting People for Safer Communities Website
2005 Grossman, Greta Dynamic Ceramics Multimedia/Web
2005 Koo, Kathleen NetAid Global Citizen Corp Online Action Center: Building Communities of Practice for Social Change Website
2005 Sapra, Kavita Monsoons Multimedia
2005 Sifonte, Berna Quiero Ser Americano - I Want To Be An American Website
2005 Barash, Matthew The Community Umbrella Project: Uniting People for Safer Communities Webiste
2005 Colmenares, Carol It’s a Good Thing For Teachers to Know Video
2005 Misawa, Yuri The Wine Experience Multimedia
2005 Peagler Peck, Courtney ECT Community Web: An Online Collaborative Learning Environment for the ECT Community at NYU Website
2005 Schornack, Tanya Ann Intrepid Women in Science (iWISE) Website
2005 Tronicke, Mark Bergen County Academies: An Interactive Educational Video Series DVD
2004 Zhao, Jianping (Lucy) Chinese as Foreign Language Teaching Aids Center Website
2004 Demefack, Carolyn Drop by Drop, Wisdom Fills our Ears: Proverbs from Cameroon DVD
2004 Burnett, Brian Abner Hershberger: Portrait of an Artist DVD
2004 Gutnick, Aviva High School Journalism Teacher’s Companion Multimedia
2004 Gavin, Andrea I-Blend: Integrated Blended Learning for Instructional Design Research/Appl Paper
2004 Arst, Jocelyn 2Market, 2Market Website
2004 Aiello, Kristine The One Lev Day Care Curriculum Research/Appl Paper
2004 Bovell, Karen Between the Beats  
2004 Balutta, Wioletta Teach BEGIN Website
2004 Vidal Tatiana IS4UV (I Stand For Universal Values) DVD
2004 Sullivan, Jessica Exploratour: Creating an Educational Pathway for the Active Museum Learner: A Web to Handheld Experience Website
2004 Yamron, Jennifer Science Detectives Website
2004 Woo, Virginia Project NYLON: A Global Systems Rollout Project Website
2004 Lyons, Hayden Hurricane Tracker Multimedia
2004 Lu, Ning-Chen My Daily News Multimedia/Web
2004 Siman, Patricia Art/Id Multimedia/Web
2004 McLaughlin, Don Fallin’: The Nuptial Overtures of L.V. Beethoven; Spherical Inquiry Video
2003 Haque, Aliya Moderating Cognitive Theories of Learning: Visual Spatial Ability and Researched Based Design Prescriptions Research Paper
2003 Johnson, Howard Art Link: An Interactive Art Interpretation Shell Website
2003 Jones, Brian Fun Island Website
2003 Prettyman, Shelley TRANSCOM Operations Information Center Training Program Multimedia/Web
2003 Coriat, Joel Children’s Educational Video Programs: Effective Production without Reinventing the Reel Video
2003 de Bever. Ian DNA I Video
2003 Fidz, Anna Interviewing Skills for Business Students Multimedia/Web
2003 Garcia Nancy Weight Loss Surgeries Multimedia/Web
2003 Shwiel, Lindsay The Historian’s Craft Multimedia/Web
2003 Slatewala, Shabnam Photography Exposed: An Adaptive Multimedia Learning Environment Designed for Cognitive Differences in Adult Learners Multimedia/Web
2003 Volpe, Carolyn Diffendoofer Day Continued Multimedia/Web
2003 Kennedy, Gina Immunizations: Do They Harm Infants? Video
2003 Knowles, Miranda Goldilocks and the Three Bears: A Living Book Multimedia
2003 Maddox, Ben Boy Meets Girl: Teens, Queens and Tolerance Video
2003 Powell, Whitney Party Planning Multimedia
2003 Barr, Corey Using Multimedia to Enhance Learning Through Adaptive Environments Research Paper
2003 Cheng, Wei-Yi In the Woods: Learning Chinese Characters Multimedia
2003 Borlaza, Rozalyn At Your Side: Forming Youth Mentoring Relationships Video
2002 Carpenter, Francesca Habitat Challenge Multimedia
2002 Chiang, Yi-ling Instructional Use of Media in Museums for Teaching and Learning Purposes: The Exhibit Designer’s Perspectives  
2002 Chien, Annie The Effectiveness of Writing Journals in Supporting Content Understanding in Science Education Research
2002 Ako, Delphine How Media Can be Used to Educate Young Women on the Prevention of AIDS in Anglophone Cameroon Research Paper
2002 Barrientos, Juan Education and Social Reform in South Africa: A Study Abroad Experience Video
2002 Billelo, Kristina Look Up! Architectural Ornament in NYC Video
2002 Geisler, Kristin Point Pleasant Schools: A Team Effort Video
2002 Gibson, Tasha The Critical Curriculum: Teaching Early Adolescents the Intersection of Media Litearcy and Values Clarification Research Paper
2002 Indirasari, Dyah Indonesian Children’s Tales Website
2002 Coleman, Vaughan Media, Technology and Education: Issues Related to: Access and Cultural Learning Styles and Social Learning Theory as a Basis for the Design of Instructional Technology Research Paper
2002 Eisenstein, Dara HealthyAppetitie.com Website
2002 Fogel, Steve AIG Leadership Online. An introduction to AIG’s Leadership Model Website
2002 McAlpin, Elizabeth Shakespeare’s Hamlet Multimedia
2002 Ozdeger, Pinar The Difference a Year Makes Video
2002 Pirundini, Joan Online Book Club for Adult Learners Website
2002 Ragone, Janene Save A Child Website
2002 McCartney, Nora Clubhouse Gang: An Online Community for Kids Growing Up With Chronic Illness Website
2002 Monge, Viviana and Arizaleta, Jaime Evaluation of a Prototype: An Application to Teach English as a Second Language Multimedia
2002 Onoda, Masako Visible Knowledge Program Web Site Website
2002 Tsai, Hsiang-Lun Educational Communication in West Area of China) Research Paper
2002 Vega, Kathy Spiritual Evidence: Reflections on Puerto Rican Syncretic Religion Video
2002 Wardell, Jennifer Project Curator Multimedia
2002 Reardon, Emily How Computers Work: An Interactive Game That Teaches the Foundational Principles of Computing Multimedia
2002 Sutton Gabriels, Stephanie The Science of Pump Aid - A Situated Multimedia Environment That Challenges Middle School Students’ Understanding of the Water Cycle Multimedia
2002 Smid, Laura Media Literacy Workshop Multimedia
2001 Clayton, Jameelah Around the Way Preschool Video
2001 Briscoe, Adrian The Love Life of Emidio Antoci Video
2001 Bobb, Joy It’s Your Life: Straight Talk on HIV/AIDS Video
2001 Berliner, Suzanne Womengineering – This is Women’s Work Multimedia
2001 Abel, Priscilla Online Environment for an English Phonology Course Website
2001 Lambert, Richard Classroom Audio Newscasts Website
2001 Lennon, Juliette In-Between Video
2001 McGuire, Noreen I Have a Citation, Now What Do I Do? A Pace Library Tutorial Website
2001 Mannino, Vito The Saxophone Workshop Website
2001 Nochamson, Talia ESL Education and Computer Technology Video
2001 Zammarano, Francesca MediaForMuseums Website
2001 Korn, Osi Divorce Stories Video
2001 Perez, Helga Puerto Rican Heritage, Herencia: Digital Archive of Primary Documents and Resources for Teachers and Students Website
2001 Fowler-Cartwright, Glendia Network-Assisted Learning and Instruction (NALI): Faculty Pilot Survey Results Research Study
2001 Eads, Shana Bioterrorism Busters Website
2001 Sheng, Qian To China! Website
2001 Donsky, Jennifer On Becoming an Artist Video
2001 Kaplan, Jill Fairy Tales for the Future Website
2000 Kingren, Kira Kingren Speak to the Earth Video
2000 Shomer, Keren Exploring Asthma Website
2000 Galea, Veronica Cliques Online Web/Video
2000 Boumeester, Maaike The Internet Frontier Video
2000 Adriaen, Monique French Language Learning Multimedia
2000 King, Ernesta Discovering Harlem’s Technology Wonders Paper
2000 Hirsch, David Hirsch Ability Through Technology Video
2000 Harolikar, Menaal “Good”Food.com Website
2000 Robertson, Frank Knowledge Representation Multimedia
2000 Ricci, Vincent MOVE! TV Video
2000 Panzer, Richard Jenny’s Choice Multimedia
2000 McCartin, Mary Beth Library & Information Literacy Tutorial Website
2000 McMahon, Colleen CPS Art Internet Supplement Website
2000 Tsukamoto, Mitsuru The Untold History: Japanese-Latin American Internment Video
2000 Zydney, Janet Pollution Solution Multimedia
1999 Cheng, Lin Can You Help Cathy Multimedia
1999 Berland, Robyn StoryTellers Multimedia
1999 Amusa-Shonubi, Gbemi Adolescent Literacy in a Digital Age Website
1999 Abu Amara, Reem Kosmologia Website
1999 Chen, Wan Fang Keeping the Faith: Howard Bennett Video
1999 Chen, Chia-Jung What’s TV! Website
1999 Braun, Anita Math Stories Video
1999 Goldreich, Tania Stressed Out Video
1999 Giler, Heather HistorInc., A Global Studies Review Multimedia
1999 Effros, Lynn Voice From the Past Video
1999 Hwang, Wen-Tsyr TTFUN - Learn Traditional Culture on the Internet Website
1999 Hickey, Mary Frances Local Hero, Harlem’s Pride Video
1999 Haberberg, Karen Media Pros Website Website
1999 Cho, Yun Young Korean Traditional Music Website
1999 Chin, Tanya Yasmin Integrated Experiences: Setting Our Own Examples Website
1999 Cheng, Pi-Ju Open Sesame Website
1999 da Silva, Antonio Interactive Workshop on Child Abuse & Neglect Multimedia
1999 Connell, Rachael How to Make a Documentary Video
1999 Chu, Brian Your Audience on Computer Multimedia
1999 Schanen, Lisa Puppet Works Multimedia
1999 Rutledge, Laing Sue Media Literacy Pilot Project Paper
1999 Pan, Richard Wildlife Conservation Society Interactive Multimedia
1999 Thompson, Owen Opening “The Door” to Our Future Video
1999 Teruel, Anna The People’s Media Exchange Web Site Website
1999 Singh, Jar The Light Fantastic Multimedia
1999 Mason, Karen Violations Multimedia
1999 Lu, Szu-Chieh Virtual Thinking Writing Lab Multimedia
1999 Kim Nam, Jihwa Once Upon a Time Story-Based ESL Project for Children Multimedia
1999 O’Daly, Michael Coney Island Video
1999 Neblett, Elizabeth A Web-Based ESL Supplement to In-Class Reading Activities Website
1999 Morgenlander, Melissa How Can You Help? Video