Curriculum Planning and Professional Development

All ECT faculty members serve as academic advisors to students in the ECT Master of Arts, Doctoral, and Advanced Certificate programs. They provide group orientation sessions at the beginning of every semester to introduce new students to the program in detail, the curriculum, degree requirements, and relevant academic policies and procedures.

Prior to their first semester in ECT, all new ECT students are assigned to an academic advisor; students may also request a specific faculty member as their academic advisors. Advisors are available to students throughout each semester to discuss requirements, professional goals, specific courses in ECT and electives in other NYU programs, and curriculum planning. Students are always welcome to schedule appointments with advisors to review academic progress, modify curriculum plans, and explore new professional opportunities and career directions. Students are encouraged to speak with their advisors as well about internship interests and ideas for independent studies and thesis projects. Academic advisors are also the appropriate contacts when students need "advisor's permission" or "advisor's signature" on academic matters.

All ECT faculty advisors inform their advisees and the departmental administrative staff how to make appointments with them. All are also available through NYU email.

Course Registration

Students are required to meet with their academic advisement at mid-semester to register for courses in the following semester. Following these meetings, students complete course registration in the online Albert system, accessible through students' NYU Home accounts. Subsequently, students may also make course changes, such as "drops and adds," in Albert.

All students are informed about the dates at mid-semester when their academic advisors will hold course registration meetings, how to schedule these particular kinds of appointments, and the calendar and up-to-date description of ECT courses being offered in the following semester. Advisors announce this information to their students through email, and the ECT newsletter, ECT DETAILS, also posts this information.

International Student Advisement and Registration

All of the information above is relevant to international students, although they must take several additional steps prior to advisement and registration in their first semester. The best references for this information are the NYU Office for International Students and Scholars (OISS) and the Steinhardt International Student Advisor.

Prior to their first formal advisement and registration meeting with ECT faculty advisors, new international students must meet with an advisor in (OISS) and the Steinhardt International Student Advisor. These specialized advisors inform international students of all steps and procedures they must take prior to the beginning of the school semester.

International students must coordinate their arrival in New York, prior to their first semester as a student, with the OISS schedule for the test of English proficiency. Students must take this test and receive scores (provided immediately after taking the test) prior to meeting with their ECT faculty advisors to register for courses and to accessing the ALBERT registration systems. The purpose of this test is to determine whether or not international students will be required to take English language courses during their first semester in the Program. With this information, the ECT faculty advisor is better able to assist international students with course registration, which may include a combination of language courses and ECT courses.