Student Advisement

Transfer Student Advisement

One of your major concerns as a transfer student will be how much credit you will receive for previous course work. We are committed to maximizing the number of credits you can transfer toward your program of study at NYU.

At the time of admission, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions awards credit for courses taken at other accredited two- and four-year institutions with grades of "C" or better that satisfy the requirements for specific liberal arts courses and unrestricted electives in the degree program for which you have applied.

The faculty director of your program will evaluate separately any specialization courses that might count toward your major.

In those institutions where a grade of C is the lowest passing grade, then one full grade above the lowest passing mark, a grade of B, will be considered transferable.

You will receive a statement of transfer credit with your offer of admissions. Once you decide to enroll at NYU, we will undertake a final evaluation of your course work.

Once you receive your final statement of transfer credit, please review it carefully. You may, of course, appeal transfer credit decisions. Instructions on how to file an appeal are included with your final statement of transfer credit. Please retain your school catalog(s) and course syllabi. We do want you to receive as much credit as you deserve, and we will gladly review your evaluation.

Requests for reevaluation of transfer credit should be directed to:

Linda Chin, Assistant Director
Office of Undergraduate Advisement and Registration Services
Joseph & Violet Pless Hall
82 Washington Square East, Room 228
New York, New York 10003
(212) 998-5053
Fax: (212) 995-4353