Student Advisement

Transfer Student Advisement

You should apply as a transfer if you are currently or have been enrolled as an associate's degree or bachelor's degree candidate (part-time or full-time) at a college or university anywhere in the world.

Our most competitive applicants will have completed at least 32 credits/points/units of liberal arts coursework by the time you would enroll at NYU (equivalent to approximately one year of full-time study). Credits/points/units obtained through a certificate program or a vocational training program will not likely transfer to NYU.

  • Transfer admission for students currently in their first full-time semester of college work is highly competitive. Because in-progress coursework is unlikely to be sufficient enough to evaluate a transfer application, the focus of the evaluation will be primarily based on one's high/secondary school performance, though mid-term college/university grades will be expected.
  • Spring transfer admission is not available in specific programs in the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. (For example: the Music Theory and Composition program does not offer spring admission to external transfer candidates from outside NYU while the Media, Culture, and Communications, as well as Music Business programs do not offer any spring admission to either internal or external candidates).
  • Housing for transfer students is limited and not guaranteed. Admitted transfer students will be expected to respond to their offer of admission before a housing placement is offered.
  • Though our deadline for Spring transfer admission is November 1 and our deadline for Summer/Fall transfer admission is April 1, we suggest that you submit your Common Application one month in advance for any program that requires an artistic review.  Submitting your Common Application early will leave you more time to prepare your artistic review credentials (such as your portfolio) and if applicable, schedule an audition by our deadlines above. Be sure to consult our additional program requirements for more information.
  • The total number of credits required for our School’s baccalaureate degrees varies by program, but the minimum number is 128 units.   The in-coming transfer student may transfer up to 72 units from previous institutions.  Each academic program of study reserves the right to determine the level and number of courses that are acceptable.  Of the remaining courses required for their degree programs, students must complete a minimum of 32 taken in residence under the auspices of Steinhardt.  Grades of C or better (no credit is awarded for grades of C-) will be considered.  In those institutions where a grade of C is the lowest passing grade, then one full grade above the lowest passing mark, a grade of B, may be considered transferable.  The lowest passing grade from other institutions will not be considered for transfer credit.

Admitted students may appeal transfer credit decisions by sending their requests to Linda Chin, Assistant Director, Undergraduate Advisement and Registration Services.  Admitted students should retain their school catalogs and course syllabi.


Linda Chin

Assistant Director

Undergraduate Advisement and Registration Services

Joseph & Violet Pless Hall
82 Washington Square East, Room 228
New York, New York 10003
(212) 998-5053
Fax: (212) 995-4353