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Steinhardt offers a number of minors to help students increase their knowledge in a particular field other than their major, gain skills that suit both their needs and aspirations, and explore individual interests.

General Information and Instructions

If you choose to complete a minor:

  • You may complete your undergraduate degree with a major and a minor. Like the major, a completed minor will be listed on your transcript.
  • Courses credited toward the "minor" may not be credited toward the "major." That is, you may not use major/specialization credits to satisfy "minor" requirements
  • It will be listed on your transcript but not on your diploma.
  • Minors require a minimum of 16 units. Contact the department offering the minor for more information about requirements.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure you satisfy the requirements for the minor. You should contact the minor department for any questions regarding the satisfaction of the minor.
  • If you decide that you no longer wish to take the minor, go to My Academics section of Student Center in Albert to request removal of the minor from your academic record. It will be removed from your transcript.
  • If you choose to drop your minor, you must cancel it before you apply for graduation so it will not be considered in your graduation requirements.

Note for Internal Transfers and Liberal Studies Transitioners: The minor you declared in your previous program will not carry over to your new program. After consulting with an adviser in your new program, please re-declare your minor if you are eligible to do so.


Steinhardt Minors

All NYU Steinhardt minors

College of Arts and Science Minors

All College of Arts and Science Minors

Teacher Education Minors for CAS Students

Stern School of Business Minor

Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology

Tisch School of the Arts Minors

Applied Theatre

Art and Public Policy

Cinema Studies


Silver School of Social Work

The minor in Social Work consists of four courses to be selected in consultation with the program director. Students are invited to register for courses given in the Silver School of Social Work for which they have the appropriate educational background. Students with a social work minor may not enroll in Social Work Practice I or II or in Field Instruction I and II.

Permission to register for the minor in social work or for undergraduate social work courses must be obtained from the Director of the Undergraduate Social Work program, 1 Washington Square North, 212-998-5944.

Wagner School of Public Service

The Wagner School offers a number of joint undergraduate minors with several undergraduate schools at NYU, including:

  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Public Policy and Management
  • Social and Public Policy

Each of these minors is comprised of several courses from Wagner in addition to several courses from the other school. Students may declare all cross-school minors through ALBERT.