Student Advisement

Academic Planner for New Graduate Students

About Graduate Study

The successful professional - in applied psychology, art, communication, education, health, and music - understands that education can be an instrument for positive change in our world and the means through which the quality of life for all people can be enhanced. We strive for preeminence in advancing knowledge, creativity, and innovation at the crossroads of human learning, culture, development, and well-being. Through rigorous research and education, both within and across disciplines, the School's faculty and students evaluate and redefine processes, practices, and policies in their respective fields and from a global as well as community perspective, to lead in an ever-changing world.

Nearly all programs integrate field-based learning through Steinhardt's extensive urban network of internship, clinical fieldwork, or student teaching settings with intensive classroom- based examination of related theories and concepts. Graduate students may take advantage of an extensive array of opportunities for research and interdisciplinary study throughout Steinhardt and across New York University.

Through doctoral study, in particular, we link research with practice. We equip our graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to undertake high quality research which addresses the diversity of life experiences and the challenges faced by individuals across the lifespan in our global society. Learning occurs in the classroom through critical exploration and dialogue with peers and faculty, within the contexts of research labs, through intensive collaboration and mentorship with faculty scholars, and in applied research and practice environments in New York City and throughout the world. Steinhardt prepares the next generation of scholars, researchers, practitioners, and leaders.

New Graduate Seminar for International Students

New Graduate Seminar for International Students (SAHS-GE2003): During their first semester in residence, incoming international graduate students are required to register for SAHS-GE2003, a noncredit course given on a pass/fail basis. The seminar explores professional issues and provides further orientation and guidance. Graduate students should consult with the Office of Graduate Admissions, Pless Hall, 3rd Floor, for information regarding other school-wide requirements.

The Academic Program

Every graduate student is assigned a program advisor. Your advisor will help you to understand degree requirements, electives, and academic options, plan your program schedule, evaluate academic progress, and acquaint you with specialized services open to you as a member of the University community.

Meet with your academic advisor for advisement and guidance. Find out who your advisor is on the Advisor's Directory Page.

Registration for your Classes

Once you have met with your academic advisor, you are ready to register for classes. You may not register for classes before being advised. Register online through Albert via the "Academics" tab in your NYUHome account.

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