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Steinhardt CORE Undergraduate Courses

Foundations of Contemporary Culture

Cultures and Contexts

Cultures and Contexts prepares students for life in a globalized world by introducing them to the ways humans see themselves as members of social, religious, national, and regional groups.
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Texts and Ideas

Texts and Ideas courses seek to refine students’ ability to write and speak about complex concepts and arguments with clarity, originality, and eloquence. Texts and Ideas is the name for a diverse group of humanities courses that study challenging, influential texts about big ideas: freedom, the nature of the soul, the place of humans in the natural and animal world, beauty, citizenship, morality, the imagination, the use of the past, and many more.
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Expressive Cultures

Each course introduces requisite historical, formal, and critical vocabularies; examines fundamental issues associated with interpretation of the arts; and investigates the complex relations between artistic activity and other facets of social and political life.
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Societies and Social Sciences

Societies and the Social Sciences courses aim to understand the world as it is molded by massive social, political, and economic transformations.
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Foundations of Scientific Inquiry

Natural Science

Natural Science I describes a range of courses that examine the foundations of the physical sciences and life sciences. Students are introduced to to the foundations and frontiers of scientific investigation.
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Quantitative Reasoning

The Core’s Quantitative Reasoning courses provide you with the mathematical foundations and analytical skills to investigate, evaluate, and draw conclusions from numerical evidence.
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