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Crediting Staff for Early Holiday Dismissal on myTime

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Offices close one hour early on the last work day before a scheduled holiday, In order to pay hourly employees for that time, time off approvers must add one hour to their time sheets under the pay code "Holiday Early Dismissal." 

Complete the following steps for all code 104 and 106 employees in your unit:

  1. Find the first employee's time sheet.
  2. Add a row to the week of the early closing by clicking on the green button with the white plus sign. Under Pay Code select "Holiday Early Dismissal."
  3. Find the day of the early closing and add in one hour in the row you just added. 

Don't forget to click Save. Once your data is save, repeat the process for any other code 104 or 106 staff for which you are time sheet approver. If you have any questions about the process, feel free to contact us

If your unit cannot close early due to operational necessity, please arrange for alternate time off for affected employees.